Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi 4c Joins The List Of Exploding Devices...

Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi 4c Joins The List Of Exploding Devices In China


Recently, reports of smartphones exploding have been on the increase. This is mainly due to Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which has a faulty battery and has led to many explosions of the device.

According to ADH Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi 4c has just joined the list of exploding devices in China.

The two smartphones in question are the Xiaomi Mi Max and the Xiaomi Mi 4c, both of which were only recently launched by the Chinese company. The first case of explosion occurred earlier this month and involved the 6.44-inch Mi Max phablet. In the incident, the device was being charged with the official charger in a home and it exploded, which caused a fire and also damaged the home. The device was bought from Xiaomi’s official online store. In the second case, a man had his Mi 4c in his back pocket and it exploded, which caused him to suffer third-degree burns to his hips. It is still unclear what caused the explosion. The Mi 4c was also purchased directly from Xiaomi’s website.

Reports by the Central News Agency, Xiaomi has appointed a third-party organization to investigate both cases of explosion. It has also been reported that the company has said that both incidents are accidents and will be offering compensation to all affected victims. However, this is not the first time the Chinese smartphone maker has been linked to cases of smartphone explosions. Back in early August, it was reported that a Xiaomi Mi 5, which is the company’s current flagship device, exploded, with images of the aftermath surfacing on Weibo, a popular social media platform in China. A Xiaomi Mi 4i was also reported to have exploded, a week before the Xiaomi Mi 5 incident surfaced.