What you need to know about GLO BIS ON ANDROID

What you need to know about GLO BIS ON ANDROID


Glo BIS on Android is very Conversant among android users in Nigeria. It has been a life saver and the cheapest plan for Android users.


Today I will like to share with you some important and rear information about GLO BIS ON ANDROID which you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

Glo Bis is not meant to work with Android but some guys from the underground did some great research and found out that it can only work better with the users changing their imei. Which is also simple to do.

1: Glo Bis has no daily Subscription code unlike MTN BIS that offers #100 naira daily, so you can’t even test this tweak but you can go for the weekly subscription which is #700 if you have ill faith about this tweak.

2: Glo Network can be annoying sometimes, to be sincere the network is kinda bad this days and sometimes I just feel like getting my money back or smash my phone at the wall.

3: If you don’t like to root your phone then I guess you can’t use this tweak, I said this because you need to be rooted to be able to change your imei to that of BlackBerry.

4: It can be very slow most times and 3G network is very scarce on this network, I don’t know about the blackberry users maybe they have different testimony but from my experience I get stuck with 2G most times and 3G might be unavailable or not encouraging.

5: Not meant for Samsung and other Qualcomm users, to be sincere if you use Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola don’t even think about using glo bis on your droid. You can be lucky to get it to work for some days but when you start having issues then it has come to stay.  Their is a fix for this anyway and it’s only if you can visit an Android Engineer with a servicing box he can change your IMEI for you at a token of #1k. Furthermore, I have good news for HTC USERS Can Now Change Their IMEI to that of BlackBerry for free.

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  1. I suvvessfully chanhed my samsung galaxy s2 imei and sub ribe glo bis on it. My greatest suprise is that after all I have gone through to change the imei it doeant browse. Its doesnt show browsing netwrk when ever I Set my apn on blackberry.net, its breaks ny heart.