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Brick(ing) is an Android Terminology that described a condition when the phone is no longer useful either permanently or temporarily due to software error.

Bricking can be categorized into two types :


Soft Brick : I can tell you this is the easiest and simplest bricking type. Its easier to fix and doesn’t require any professional skill or tool. In this condition the phone will still turn on but might be stocked at recovery screen or you experience what i call INFINITE BOOT (BOOTLOOP) your phone just cant stop booting.


Hard Brick : Just like the name implies its the hardest type of bricking and most times it requires professional skill and tools to fix any device that is in this horrible condition. Your phone will not give any sign of life and most times might give a notification sound while plugged in to pc. I call this one DEEPSLEEP, believe me it will wake up one day.


Their are some certain this that could cause your phone to brick. But its always a software issue. Not hardware related in any means. Causes of Bricking are listed below :

  1. OTA UPDATE : Everybody is crazy about OTA(Over The Air) UPDATES. We all want to use the latest shinny OS that is pushed to our device. Its good to have 5.1 Lollipop on your phone while your friend still use 4.4.2 KitKat on the same phone. Makes you feel like a Geek 🙂 But updates come with precautions and you really need to abide by them if you dont, you are at risk.  Don’t get me wrong. Updating you phone is good and advisable but you need to be un-rooted, stock recovery installed, system applications not tampered with.
  2. ROOTING : You probably think this should come first, i totally disagree. Rooting this days are well developed and 90% safe and guaranteed to be brick free. Well, rooting might still brick your phone if you fail to abide by its rules. EG : Enable USB Debugging, Enable Unknown Sources in security section, Charged Battery ETC.
  3. FLASHING : Their maybe some moments you need to flash your device back to stock rom. You might be coming from a custom rom and prepping your phone for an OTA UPDATE if you accidentally or ignorantly flashed your device with the wrong rom it will brick your phone.
  4. FONT INSTALLATION : This has always been the most common means of bricking many Android Devices, Font Installation is cool, makes your phone sexy and admirable but sometimes it bricks your phone. Their have been so many cases of bricking via Font Installation on Tecno Devices. I recommend IFont for safe font installation.
  5. PLAYING WITH ROOT FILES : You see that folder on your Android phone named ROOT? You shouldn’t joke with it. Its the heart of your device its not meant for kids, its not meant to be toyed with. Handle it with care. I know you are rooted but that doesn’t mean you should play with the folder.


I assume you now know the bricking types that are available on Android. If your device is suffering from a SOFT BRICK you can unbrick by flashing back your stock rom. You can find it over the internet.

Unbricking a Hard Bricked phone is not always easy i will advice you contact your Engineer.


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  1. after sometimes when i rooted my M3 the pre-installed app (superSU#) fails to work and keeps saying i should update, i tried updating it and my fone reboots with a screen “No Comand” why is it so tnx

    • Most times its caused by improper rooting and maybe you modified some system applications like moving the SUPERSU to SD card. I will advice you unroot and re-root, install busybox.
      Before you try all this, you should be connected to the Internet before updating the SU Binary. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Nice post, really helpful…. Thanks

  3. Pls how do i revert to stock recovery on my Infinix hot Note…

  4. Lol.. I think no need to contact engineer.. Sp flash tools is always there for hard bricked phones Ayo