Toyota Highlander: The Legendary Crossover

Toyota Highlander: The Legendary Crossover

Back in the early 2000s, when the crossover SUV market was at its early stages, the Toyota Highlander became a pioneering vehicle in many regards. If you know anything about Toyota, you won’t be surprised by this fact, as Toyota has paved way for numerous innovations in the automotive world and continues to set trends today. However, the Highlander turned out to be an outstanding vehicle even by the already high Toyota standards. Find out more about this iconic model right now!

Toyota Highlander features

Since the Highlander belongs to the crossover SUV segment of vehicles, it shares its platform with another famous Toyota, the Camry. The driving specs of the Toyota Highlander include many features desirable among customers: the front-wheel drive that can be switched to all-wheel in a single click on a button; a powerful 3.5L V6 engine, and the respectable fuel economy that is common for nearly all Toyota vehicles. Buyers have also widely praised the interior of the Highlander, which allows to comfortably transport up to 7 passengers and has an additional towing package in case you need to carry heavy goods.


Shortly after its 2001 release, the Toyota Highlander became an instant hit among customers and is still one of the top selling SUVs of its segment. Toyota greatly expanded the number of Highlander fans by introducing the hybrid version in 2005, which also became one of the earliest hybrid SUVs of the time. During its 15-year history, the Toyota Highlander went through several major stages of redesign, as well as an endless number of minor ones.

Toyota Highlander review

If you compare the Highlander to the similarly priced crossover SUVs, you will realize that it outshines its competitors in nearly every aspect, from the impeccable handling to the improved fuel mileage, and from the availability of standard features to the quiet and comfortable cabin. Add that to the renowned Toyota reliability and crash worthiness, and you’ll realize why virtually no other crossover SUV, either from Toyota or other famous brands, has managed to top the success of the Toyota Highlander.

Buy Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

Buy Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

It’s clear that the Highlander is an excellent choice of a vehicle in any situation. However, buying a brand new Toyota Highlander can be quite a burden on your budget. The solution here is to get a used Highlander on Jiji, where you will find hundreds of offers from the most experienced and honest sellers. Browse Toyota Highlander on sale to finally own your dream car!

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