Top 5 Useful Bots For Telegram Messenger

Top 5 Useful Bots For Telegram Messenger


Telegram the infamous WhatsApp alternative is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, OS X, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type. Telegram also provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, but its optionality and home-brew nature have been contested by security experts and cryptography researchers.

Top 5 Useful Bots For Telegram Messenger

Today we shall talk about Top 5 Useful Bot For Telegram Messenger that will make you love Telegram once again. This aforementioned bots work on any type of Smartphone all that it requires is to make sure Telegram is installed on your phone either Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.

1. VK Music Bot

Have been using this bot for months to stream/download new and old musics from my Telegram. All i have to do is type /search Kanye West Famous.

Add VK Music Bot to Telegram

2. Wikipedia Search Bot

It’s kind of stressful to go from Telegram to Chrome just to find out who Larry Page this bot gives you WikiPedia on telegram and it also saves time.
Just enter a query, and the bot will select the articles for you.

Add Wikipedia Search Bot to Telegram


3. YouTube Downloader Bot 

Just like the name implies, it actually does more than just downloading YouTube videos via Telegram it also Convert YouTube Videos into MP3 easily and quickly.

Add YouTube Downloader Bot to Telegram



4. FB Video Downloader Bot

Ever wondered how to download videos from Facebook via Mobile ? This telegram bot is ready to surprise you. If you need to download videos from Facebook this bot does it like its nothing. All you have to do is send the bot any FaceBook video links ..
Booom!! Your Video file will be available within Seconds

Add FB Video Downloader Bot to Telegram


5. Meming Bot

Do you love to create memes? This bot generate memes with your text using different templates.
NEW: you can add your photos and use them as templates.

Add Meming Bot to Telegram




I wish i can make this list longer than this but this are the Bots have personally tested on Telegram and i think they are a must to have for tech fanatics and those who love to stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to  subscribe via Email and share this article so we can serve you more juicy updates in the future. I hope this makes you enjoy Telegram once again.