Top 5 Science Fiction Movies of 2015

As a passionate Tech Blogger i have undiluted love for Science Fiction Movies most especially those from James Bond 007 and top directors like Stephen Hopkins etc. Marvel and DC Comics have played a great role in Sci-fi movies and they just keep getting better, i will quickly talk about My Top 5 Science Fiction Movies of 2015

Top 5 Science Fiction Movies of 2015


As a Tech Blogger am obsessed with Science Fiction Movies, I love them so much I forget to do my works at times. Apart from using CGI in Movies I think Science Fiction Movies have been able to tell us or show us what could happen in the future, what can be in stores soon etc.
Hollywood is driving us nut with how they shoot, direct and produce movies in fact they leave us asking for more.
To cut the story short let me quickly show you my Top 5 Science Fiction Movies Of 2015.

1. Avengers Age Of Ultron :


Here is number one on my list. If you are fan of the Marvel Avengers Series you should know that this movie has been taking different shapes and interesting storyline. Kudos to the playwright and actors.  It features a collaboration of Top Marvel Artist from their comics like Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and unpredictable Hulk. The Technologies used in this movies are awesome. Much CGI effects are also used but they’re still cool.

2. Terminator Genysis :


Legendary and Veteran Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with the Queen of Dragons(Emilia Clarke) from the Famous HBO TV series titled “Game Of Thrones” both nailed this awesome movie in the head. It all started from 1984 till 2015.
Terminator Series has never been boring has they keep giving their fans a memory they will never forget . The movie is not just about Science Fiction and Actions but has some megabytes of Emotions added to it.
My favorite quote from the movie was “Old But Not Obsolete” –  Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. Fast and Furious 7 :


One minute silence for Paul Walker please, it’s so painful that Paul Walker walked away from the surface of earth but the tragedy has only made the movie become more lovely and something to look out for.
Popularly referred to as Fast Seven, apart from the fast and furious cars used in this movie the technologies are also awesome.
A lot of viewers still don’t know how the movie featured the dead artist “Paul Walker”,well it’s done with the help of special CGI effects from top brands in the movie industry.
That car driven by Vin Diesel flying through Dubai Twin Buildings was said to be the most expensive car in the world. The scene of flying cars parachuting from a plane is also true, you can check it out on YouTube.

4. Jurassic World :


Jurassic World featured almost every genre of a movie. It comprises Science Fiction, Adventure and Action permit me to also add Horror. At some points my siblings start to get uncomfortable with the scenes of the Dinosaurs, and other scary animals in the park.
Lots of Science Fiction was used in the movie ranging from Guns, Cages, Mind Control Chips, Trackers etc.  You really need to watch this movie if you’re yet to do so.

5. Mad Max : Fury Road


Their are two early versions of Mad Max, Am yet to watch them. But am proud to tell you have watched this one that was released around May 2015. Mad Max : Fury Road is not much of a science fiction but a race movie but still something you need to watch. In addition, that’s my first time of seeing those actors. I haven’t seen them before.

In conclusion, Spectre by James Bond 007 should have been on this list but i was disappointed after watching the movie it has not much science fictions but much of car racing and stunts, but it will still be categorized as s Science Fiction Movie.

I hope you enjoy this  review, don’t forget to tell us what you think about this movies, your quotes, your list of top  5 and what you think I missed in this blog post via the comments box below.


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