ThrowBack Thursday : Sagem myX-2

Today on Ayoproxy ThrowBack Thursday we are going to talk about the legendary Sagem myX-2.


The Sagem myX-2 is a small and lightweight phone, with other similar models such as the myX-3, myX-8 and myC-2. It is manufactured by SAGEM Communication. –  Wikipedia
Announced in 2003 Spotted in the Nigeria market around 2004 sold for 25,000 NGN.

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Below are the features and Specifications of the Sagem myX-2

Features and Specifications


Depth-top: 19 mm
Depth-bottom: 15 mm
Length: 98 mm – 100 mm
Width: 42 mm


Battery Life: 340 hours
Battery Voltage: 3.77 V
Charging Time: 1hr 30 min to 2h


WAP Enabled: Yes
WAP Speed: 48.3 kbit/s
Loading Time: 5 seconds (approx.)

Useful features

The Sagem has a useful WAP feature, which although slow, can be an emergency measure.

The myX-2 does not have a camera feature.

The Sagem also has a game with 4 options.

Special features

The Sagem myX-2 has a few special features such as a calculator and currency converter. It also has a hidden menu.

Hidden menu

Accessed by pressing ‘*’ while in the menu, this hidden menu will show battery voltage, application versions, test the LCD and allows you to lock the SIM, using ‘SIM Lock’ (requires password).

Before the coming of Android and iPhone Sagem and other brands ruled the telecommunication world and had a great share of the world telecommunication market.  But the birth of Symbian (Nokia) powered smartphones by Nokia took Sagem out. There are rumors that Sagem has emerged to be “Infinix” we don’t know how true this claims are but the Telecommunication business is full of conspiracies and re-branding one shouldn’t be surprised to hear strange news.

What do you think about the Sagem myX2? Let us know via the comments section below. We hope to bring more throw back devices to this blog for your reading pleasure. Don’t forget to check back next Thursday for another epic “ThrowBack” #TBT

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