Few Things You Need To Know About Power Banks

Few Things You Need To Know About Power Banks


Everyone has experienced that scary moment when your Smartphone shows a “low battery” notification. It is a truly horrifying thing. So many calls left to make, so many songs to listen, so many posts to like!.. Okay, just take a deep breath and brace yourself. Help is coming. And the name for it is Power Bank.


The more versalite devices we acquire, the more dependent on them we become. It is not necessarily bad, for these devices make our lives easier. You just need a little support, a little backup sometimes. Power Bank will be the best option.

How it works?

Power Banks are portable devices comprised of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow. Too much “special”? That’s what you should get ready for. This device can store electrical energy, which is deposited in the bank, and then use it for charging other devices. It is the best (and the only) way to charge your Smartphone, MP3 player, GoPro, camera, tablet, or other device, when there is no socket around.


You can easily charge a Power Bank from your computer or an ordinary socket. A charging cable is always included in the package. The larger capacity your Power Bank has, the loger it is charged. However, it will be able to charge your devices for a long time, too. As well as other devices, Power Banks are equipped with LED indicators to show the level of charging. Safety cut-off for prevention of overheating and overcharging are also included.

Types of Power Banks

There are three main types of portable chargers available nowadays.

Universal Power Bank. It is the most common and versalite device you can find. It comes in different capacities, sizes, designs, compatible with various devices or even tailored for specific model. Prices for them range depending on specifications.

Solar-Charged Power Bank. You can put it in a sunny place, and PV panels will immediately start trickle-charging the internal battery. This is a time-consuming process, so in many cases these Power Banks come with additional USB-cables.

Battery phone case. This type of devices is very handy, for it comes as an ordinary phone case, just with charging function. However, it has a very narrow compatibility.


How to choose a Power Bank?

Everything is pretty simple. The first thing you should pay attention to is the battery capacity. Choose something powerful enough to charge your device fully at least once. For this, you will need to know battery capacity of a device you are buying a charger for.

Remember that output voltage of the power bank should be equal to or higher than that of your device.

You may choose a Power Bank with one or several ports – it depends on how many devices you are planning to charge simultaneously.

Finally, pay some attention to design. It is always more pleasant to use something nice-looking.

Where to buy a Power Bank?

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