Surf Free with MTN Via Element53 and ProxyDroid VPN.

Hi guys and welcome to this post. It is my pleasure to introduce this TunnelVPN known as Element53 to you. Element53 is a ready-to-use DNS-tunnel for Android device like SlowDNS but is faster in speed
than SlowDNS.

To Get it Done

» Element53 Pro is a premium app which worth $6.41 but you can download it for free to your Android phone HERE
» Open element53 Pro, click on DNS
server and input
» Click on Network Type and change
network to MOBILE.
» Next download ProxyDriod and
configure it with the below screenshot.
» Power ON ProxyDriod and then, go back to your Element53 click on the Green Button and it will turn to red. Open your browsing apps and start flexing.
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Culled from GPL

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  1. hey chief where’s the screenshot to configure proxy droid ?? many thanks !

  2. remain focus in your race of life

  3. please can you link me the post bro I couldn’t find it ?!!

  4. is it truelly working