SamSung Galaxy S6 Custom Rom for Infinix Hot Note/PRO

I take no credits for this work it was not developed and ported to Hot Note by ME, Am only sharing it to guys who like to flash custom roms and love to customize their phones.

This ROM was Ported to Infinix Hote Note and Hot Note Pro by Abanoubhani and only this device should use this rom.

SamSung Galaxy S6 Custom Rom for Infinix Hot Note/PRO
SamSung Galaxy S6 Custom Rom for Infinix Hot Note/PRO

SamSung Galaxy S6 Custom Rom for Infinix Hot Note/PRO FEATURES :

S6 ROM Port For Infinix Hot Note

– S6 Launcher
– S6 original sounds
– S6 Bootanmation
– S6 lock screen
– S6 Settings
– S6 wallpaper chooser
– S6 Messages
– S6 SystemUI
– S6 Dialer
– S6 Widget
– S6 Contacts
– Note 4 Sound recorder
– Note 4 File Manager
– S Note
– S Planner

Bugs :
u can tell me in a post if you have a bug


Download :!wxpgVRCJ!gSX3c5Mzo1mhoF5JEPFGNCoJnFJfSTDnhNl2GfeDQck

If You Cant Open Internal Storage Plz Flash This File :!Uh4GHTRb!_12UIetCtDkAUDhyFV9hHdVNf6x6m7oKaUV8HhBLEGU

Special Thanks To :

GeekGates Team – for supporting me
wanam – for wanam xposed
Khaled Mohamed – For Help Me
Mahmoud Al-Moselhy –
For Help Me

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  1. can’t download it

  2. Bros abeg upload this file go another cloud wey dey resume. I have been downloading this file for the past 4 days no success, download through browser keep on restarting each time there’s a small fluctuation in connection. Mehn! Its frustrating. Its just 525MB na I nor dey fit download. I even tried some tricks to get the link to the file in order to download through IDM, still it doesn’t resume. Use mediafire, dropbox or even Google drive abeg. MEGA nor be for us here for Naija, we nor get that stable network wet e need.
    Thanks a lot for the efforts you’ve made so far may God bless you so much. I am hoping to get your reply soon with the newly updated links (that’s not MEGA).

  3. sir, have been able to download the file but it refuses to install, it “installation aborted”. i even tried the twrp recovery same thing. i was suspecting its the zip file thats bad (maybe got corrupted in the process of downloading) but i experienced the same thing for all the roms i have downloaded so far; s6 , s6, xperia cm 12. could it be that im not doing something right?
    these are the steps i took:
    I’m already rooted with twrp custom recovery,
    I placed the roms on my sd card,
    Boot into recovery,
    Wipe data/ factory reset,
    Wipe cache/ dalvik e.t.c.
    Then i went straight to install zip, located the rom on my sd card, then flashed it. for some i get “installation aborted” , “bad zip file”, others “md5 sum not found” then “installation aborted”
    is there any thing you think i’m not doing right that could have caused the failure?
    please your help is needed. i appreciate your effort so far . thanks a lot.

  4. damn!!! my playstore wont download and update any apps it says error in retrieving files from server…. any help?

  5. Bro please based on this custom rom, can the installation apps be on SD card or internal memory

  6. I can’t seem to flash any recovery on my infinix hot note pro. I flashed a recovery from guruswizard but when i restart phone into recovery the screen starts loosing all pixels and then it fades away

  7. favour try using philz touch recovery