RIP Symbian – Nokia stops shipping of Symbian phones.

RIP Symbian – Nokia stops shipping of Symbian phones.



With the announcement that Nokia will stop making Symbian phones early this year, the worst nightmare of every Symbian lover is here. Nokia will stop shipping Symbian phones this summer as it has made it clear it’s focusing entirely on Windows phones.

According to the Financial Times Nokia is sending out it’s final (sobs)  shipment of Symbian phones this summer. Symbian phones have been around and have been the most popular smartphones before 2010 when Android stole the show. While we say R.I.P to Symbian we shall remember that the Nokia 808 Pureview (the one with the 41MP camera) is the last of it’s kind, and we shall not forget the early days of smartphone revolution and fond memories of Nokia 6600, Nokia 3230, Nokia N73, Nokia N80,Nokia N95, Nokia C5, Nokia 808 Pureview, etc.


“It took 22 months to get a Symbian phone out of the door. With Windows Phone, it is less than a year. We spend less time having to tinker with deep-lying code and more time on crafting elements of the experience that make a big difference, such as around photography, maps, music and apps in general.”-Nokia

More so, Nokia is now a proud maker of LUMIA a smartphone that uses the Windows 8 Operating System. Its beautifully made with classic design but pretty expensive but i think its worth the money…..

More updates coming soon about Nokia Lumia stay tuned to this blog pals!