My Jio Apps get #1 position on Playstore and iOS store

One would never expect to see a brand new application on top in the list of Google Play Store and iOS app store. And if we even think of it then surely, an Indian Application would never be an option. But this time Reliance has done an incredible job with its MyJio app due to which we can see the application on top in the list of Google.


MyJio app was just recently released providing with some amazing offers to count on. It is basically known as “Jio welcome offer” in which you get to use all the services of jio for free for a month at least. Infact the only requirement need to be fulfilled by its interested users is to download its 8 applications on their smartphones.  


Now if you search for top apps on Google play store you can see a  list of reliance Jio apps with WhatsApp and Messenger maintaining their position till now.


For that matter let me tell you that the ranking of the applications are not decided by number of downloads taken place instead, the amount of time taken for the app to download on a particular device is the basic criteria. And if we look at the current scenario according to downloads then WhatsApp has the highest ranking with over a billion downloads and Jio approximately 10 million and plus.

Jio App

There is an entire list under MyJio application that is offered by reliance to download; MyJio, JioCinema Movies & Tv shows, Jio Tv Live sports, JioJoin, Jio Music, JioNet, JioMags, JioChat, JioMoney Wallet, JioDrive, JioSecurity, JioXpressNews and many more.


The trick over here to let people download this application was to see how they can get free Jio SIM and how to use it. Anyways, ou can expect Jio to stay consistent with its downloads due to its extraordinary services and all in one purpose app.


It wouldn’t be a struggle for reliance to maintain the app’s position as there is a compulsory use of the application if you are a subscriber of its SIM. Jio provides you with some fantastic facilities like check balance, easy payment, data usage, get statements and much more. Therefore it is going to be difficult task for other developers to fight through this one!


So if you are going to buy Reliance Jio’s SIM today you know, you need to download its app first and generate its barcode that is going to be necessary to show on you 4G smartphones.


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