MTN : Free 3GB for 2G0 and use it with any other application.

Good morning Nigeria, how is your weekend? Hope you’re enjoying your weekend with free browsing. I also hope you’re browsing at an affordable price.

You might have heard of the old 2GO 3GB trick that requires IMEI TWEAKING, Well it’s back and better with a lot of goodies.

Before we get started I assume you know how to tweak imei, if you don’t,please do yourself a favour and read HOW TO TWEAK IMEI HERE.

Tweak this IMEI : 864981012545345
Keyword : LYTE TO 131


Dial *559*6# to check your 3GB




Now you have to Install PROXYDROID and Simpleserver. You can learn how to install and use PROXYDROID HERE.




Remember you need to edit the settings in Simpleserver with the one listed below :
==>Proxy host:
==>Proxy Port: 8080
==>Injection Method: get
==>Injection querry/url:
==>Injection Host:
==>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times

==>Buffer size: 8092    

==>concurrent connection:10

==>Log level: debug
Close the settings and click the start sever… Then start browsing for free.

You can also use AUTOPROXY

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  1. Pls can I use it with only simple android server

  2. I cannot browse with d 2go MB guy, help me out

  3. What about phone access point settings

  4. When I text the message it’s saying Dear customer, you are eligible for only one offer. Thank you. When I checked my balance.. No 2go mb

    • Staunty, you don’t tweak it that’s why you get that reply… Please make sure you know how to tweak and keep tweaking till you get the right reply.

  5. how will I use it with auto proxy
    please drop auto proxy settings

  6. dat means I also cannot make use of it since no tutorial abt AUTO PROXY ayo

  7. does it require a new sim?

  8. Can this trick work on Samsung

  9. Pls how many digits do we need to tweak or change?

  10. its working. just change d ime from d ninth digit and generate d remaining 5. it can’t b accumulated. I got it on my two old sims. 3gb + 60mb. tanx.

  11. it works. change and generate d last 5 digits. Tanx.

  12. just decided to try this cheat now and it worked.

    tweak the last 5 digit.

  13. I gat it, but I’ve nt been able to use it.
    I dn’t ve d auto proxy setting and is it compulsory for me to root My phone b4 I can used autoproxy?
    and is dere anyway d MB can work on PC?

  14. please it is working still????

  15. thanks it work, but wen I did it I was sent a msg of 60mb to last till 16-01-2016, so I didn’t check *559*6# to see my 2go mb, and went ahead to tweak imei for 2go 3gb again, it was den I dialed *559*6# again n saw 2gomb:2929mb

    so my question is will d mb work with a diff Imei number nt used to tweak d first 3gb?…tnx

  16. that is the 3gb mb has already been given to me in my first tweak

  17. is the 3gb gonna last for six months?

  18. pls give me ur whatsapp contact for direct and instant discussion

  19. Keep me posted

  20. pls I nid wu will teach me hw to tweak my whatsapp numba: 07066485019

  21. Plss can I use only auto proxy for 2go mb

  22. i tweak the imei they just say that” Dear customer, you are eligible for only one offer. Thank you.”but i check the mb they dnt gve me the 3GB please whtsapp me

  23. Please do blackberry have cheat that it can be. Used Wch is unlimited also,and all dis 2go 3gb can dey work on BlackBerry also? Pls ayo give me. Clue on. Dis

  24. Pls if it gets exhausted should I send d code again to get another 3gb on the same sim or I should use anoda sim

  25. Is it still working and can one use it with payphone

  26. please ! help me on how use 2go Mb

  27. nice write up, i just want to know if this is still working

  28. is this tweaking still working?