MTN BIS on Android, things you need to know

MTN BIS on Android, things you need to know


MTN BIS ON ANDROID is trending everywhere over the Internet and Neighborhood.
You should read my post about GLO BIS ON ANDROID and things to know about it.
We shall talk about MTN BIS ON ANDROID. You are reading this to learn new stuffs about it or want to know if it’s worth trying out.

MTN is the most used network in Nigeria if am not wrong.



1: You can use MTN BIS on Android via Simple server, it’s the popular method among android users and the best for people who are obsessed with downloading. It’s also a light application that does great magic.
You can read about how to use MTN BIS on Android via Simple Server.

2: I personally prefer MTN BIS on my Android to that of GLO BIS ON ANDROID. Why? Because it’s fast and economic. I can do the daily subscription if i hear rumors that it has stopped.

3: Have you tried the OpenVpn method?  Why you should try it, it tunnels your IP Address, makes you anonymous and boycott firewall restrictions.  Read about How to use OpenVpn with MTN BIS ON ANDROID it also works with iPhone.

4: You enjoy what you paid for unlike GLO BIS ON ANDROID that gives you headache after paying #1000.

5: A lot of restrictions, unlike GLO BIS ON ANDROID the MTN BIS comes with restrictions but you can bypass them with some methods like using the OpenVpn method as it works with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Co.

6: To be sincere the MTN BIS ON ANDROID sucks a lot of Battery 🔋 and we all know the condition of electricity in this country.  Glo BIS on Android safe battery but that of MTN sucks battery.

7: Don’t rely too much on MTN BIS ON ANDROID, if you can remember some years ago we used this trick in a simpler method by just changing our APP to BlackBerry net before it got blocked. It will be sad to see it get blocked again. I really don’t want it to get blocked so i pray to God everyday.

8: The best part of this Trick is that MTN BIS work effectively and speedily on 💻 pc. Unlike GLO BIS that doesn’t work on pc unless you tether it via hot-spot or USB cable. I prefer to use TroidVpn but it comes with subscription which I have to pay for monthly. But you can also enjoy it with SIMPLE SERVER FOR PC

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