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[MTN BIS] Magic OpenVPN Servers [No Password]


Mtn Bis has been working flawlessly on both Pc and Android using various third-party applications, Simple Server, Droidvpn, Pd-proxy, and now OpenVpn Connect… With this special OpenVPN config files , the oy of actually surfing and downloading is quite awesome, unlike when you’re using configuration files and you always have to change your password every Wednesday and the server is always overloaded sometimes making it to be very slow …..

Using Mtn Bis with these servers on  Android has a great feel and calm your nerves when online..

Let’s get started with the settings and configurations below:

If you already have Openvpn Connect installed on your android, you don’t need to download another one, for those that don’t have, go to your Play Store and search for “openvpn connect” download and install it.


Download Openvpn Magic configuration files Here, and extract the content of the file and copy them to your phone or your Micro sd card.

Password : mobitechplaza

Make use of Es xplorer or any zip app to unzip it and extract the config file on your Android

Now launch Openvpn Connect, click on options and select “import”, now choose “import profile from sd card” then locate the config files you have just copied to your device then click on Select to allow Openvpn Connect to save the profile.

Subsciribe to any MTN BIS plans, monthly, weekly, or daily, Daily send “BBCDAY” to 131, costs N100, Weekly N500, send “BBCWEEK” to 131, Monthly N1,000, send “BBCMONTH” to 131

Set your Android phone’s access point to “””

Now launch Openvpn Connect and select any config free openvpn server from the list and connect.


Good luck.. If you’re having any prob , feel free to drop your comment…
Courtesy : MobileTechPlaza


  1. Pls av done everyfin u posted bt d problem der is dat non of d server is opening it kips sayin waiting for proxy server wot do I do plss