UPDATED: MTN BIS Back and Better on PC and Android Devices.

UPDATED: MTN BIS Back and Better on PC and Android Devices.


MTN BIS has been blocked but some people who are lucky or maybe they have a blessed Sim are still rocking the MTN BIS flawlessly on their Android devices and PC.
If you’re among those who can’t  use it on Android and PC then am back with another Banger.

The new method of using it is called BBMIDID I mimicked it as BBMADRID because it’s as fast as Madrid on Pc and Android.
If you have an active BIS subscription either monthly or weekly before, am sorry to tell you that it’s now invalid please dash a blackberry user your sim.


How Can I Get MTN BBMID Working ON Android And PC?
==>Load your mtn sim with N100
==>Send BBMIDID to 21600

You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and your have 15MB. Just ignore it.

Your simple server settings still remain the same web.blackberry.com no changes. Same thing goes for Android users and PC users. You can read the SimpleServer Settings Here,The Full Gist About MTN Bis on Android and PC
Don’t wait to be told, download all you can download in Gb’s. I am still downloading!


  1. If dia is anyone out dia who is stil doubting dis update,am sur dat he/she ws one of Thomas descendant!…..Thumbs up for u @ Ayoproxy!

    • You can,its your choice. I don’t even know the code,but when MTN blocks this again don’t blame me or ask me how to get it working again,more so can’t you just use this tweak for heavy downloads and buy data bundle for as low as 1k for 1gb?

  2. the problem i have is that, afta downloadin all tru d mornin, at noon precisely 1 or 2 pm, it stps wrking. it wont wrk anymore untill d subscription xpires n i renew it. y is it like dat? taut its unlimited n i cn download up 2 4gb in jsg a day. so Mr Ayoproxy, any hlp?

  3. pls sir, is dx still working? if yes, then apart frm simple server nd proxydroid settings dat remains unchanged as it was with d BBCDAY , am I going to change my phone APN just like before?

  4. Pls dnt b angry ooo…Pls shw me Hw to go abt d vpn stuff…I’m new hia nd also new to d info…Pls I dn subscribe tire…..mak una help me abeg

    • Mr Figures,thanks for your comment and happy Sunday. Regarding your request have updated the Tutorial and it should be more explanatory now. 1st you need to read about the SimpleServer settings for either pc or android, 2ndly if you’re interested I using the open VPN settings a link is provided at the bottom of the post,it will take you to the openvpn guide.

  5. Pls oo I’m new to err ting hia….Pls help me out…I downloaded openvpn Bt dnt knw wat to do wit it…Pls smone help me….I dn tire to dy pay mtn abeg ….mak una help me

  6. Hw can I use the simple server on pc…do I nid to download it special for pc or I jst use ma phone as wireless…abit confused

  7. Ay pls i need ur help on my tecno s9,i dnt knw what is wrong it doesn’t bring out data service nd am on glo cheat,ve change my imei nd is working fine on till saturday wen am listin to music nd my phone siz,I takeit to engineer shop n my phone cm bck to life bt not data service. Ve call glo custom care dey told me d fault is not frm dem dat i should check my apn setting. Have try to setti bt still not wrokn pls help ooo

    • Olami, you probably wiped it or your engineer wiped it,if he did your IMEI will be replaced so re-write the BB imei and set your APN as blackberry.net save and enjoy. Futhermore GLO NETWORK has been bad today.