How To Install CWM RECOVERY on SamSung Devices via ODIN

How To Install CWM RECOVERY on SamSung Devices via ODIN


Hello pals,you might have been wondering how to install CWM RECOVERY on Your SamSung devices via Odin.
Well today i will be showing you how to Install CWM RECOVERY on SamSung Devices via ODIN.
Before we begin please be sure to have been rooted. If you dont know how to be rooted please take time to read about it HERE

20130315T104337WHAT WE NEED :

  1. A Computer (PC/DESKTOP)
  2. Odin v3.09 HERE
  3. A USB Cable
  4. SamSung Drivers
  5. Rooted SamSung Phone
  6. Working Eyes and Brain

Installing Samsung drivers can be a little problem so i advice you to download SamSung Kies

Install SamSung Kies and turn off your phone

I assume you have downloaded your device CMW recovery image in ‘.tar’ format

Put your device in download mode by pressing and holding VOLUME+UP BUTTON AND POWER BUTTON = DOWNLOAD MODE like th e picture below :

IMG_20150105_230857Unfortunately if you cant get this screen please try the buttons randomly i.e press VOLUME UP + DOWN BUTTON + POWER = DOWNLOAD MODE

Now connect your device to pc and locate where you extracted your Odin

S3 ATATClick on PDA : Navigate to your cwm recovery location in .TAR format and click on it.

Make sure RE-PARTITION is not marked or else you will brick your device and fry your emmc partition like EGG 🙂

Now Click START, Wait let it do its magic untill you see PASS in GREEN color like the picture above,Volla you are good to go and you can now use your CWM RECOVERY.