InnJoo? A Total Waste Of Money

InnJoo? A Total Waste Of Money


Sometimes i wonder who are the ones responsible for the approval of this diabolical, confused and inexperienced OEM called “InnJoo” 

It’s been a while I updated my blog am so sorry have been busy lately with personal issues but I just took time to update this article in order to enlighten you and other people who follow this blog. 

InnJoo a dubai based company that produces crappy devices called “Smartphone” has been the cause of nightmare to so many Nigeria youth’s. Proudly backed and supported by Jumia (Don’t blame them though). After there breakthrough with InnJoo i1s one of Nigerians most cheapest device she has continued to push more devices that comes with more complains.  

Earlier today I met a friend of mine who own an InnJoo Fire Plus, he was searching for a replacement battery and he hasn’t been able to find one yet. 

What’s Wrong With InnJoo? 

  • Poor After Sale Service :

Even though you can easily find there firmware on the official website which has been a welcome development compared to Tecno. You still can’t find any repair shop for InnJoo not even Carlcare.

  • Lack Of Accessories :

Apart from the issue of swollen batteries, InnJoo users have found it hard to even get cover case, tampered glasses, protective film, Chargers and screen replacement. Most people have one InnJoo phone that’s basically “unrepairable” 

  • Expensive Crappy Device :

Some months ago i came across an InnJoo 2 device with Fingerprint Lock or call it biometric security. It was nice though, but the biometric security was a joke. I confused the device while setting up the biometric security and I heard it was sold for around 70k or less. That’s a total waste of money this change Era. 

  • No OTA Update

I can’t say much about this, but InnJoo device hardly receive updates compared to infinix and Tecno. They release updates but it’s just like forcing a baby to poo. 

What’s the way forward? 

In a world that’s moving fast and a Nigeria that’s moving quick I think InnJoo is too slow to make it out here.  They can’t meet up with the competition, they can’t satisfy Nigerians and they have failed in every aspect.  InnJoo need a rebrand and offer a better service where they put the consumers first before profit. 


InnJoo, if you’re reading this it’s too late.