Infinix Hot Note X551 Users Drop Your Issues For Solutions

Infinix Hot Note X551 Users Drop Your Issues For Solutions


It’s never too late to make changes right? That’s why we decide to add a question and answer section, where we answer your questions live. Drop your questions via the comments box and we shall give you a corresponding answer. We hope you will love this new update.

What problem are you facing with your hot note, let us help you solve them free.
What problem are you facing with your hot note, let us help you solve them free.

This blog post is dedicated to all those who use Infinix HOT Note X551 and have issues with their phones.

Infinix Hot Note X551 Issues like :

Infinix Hot Note X551 Not Charging
Infinix Hot Note X551 Battery drain
Infinix Hot Note X551 Rooting issues
And many more…
Use the comments box to drop your complains and I will reply with a possible fix asap.


  1. Thanks for this page.
    I am having charging issue.
    Not charging properly. It takes hours to charge if eventually it starts charging and drains fast.

    • Nuga,to fix the battery drained issue on Hot Note X551 lollipop, you need to goto battery and untick the inteliggent battery saving blah blah…. Restart your phone immediately and you should have your battery life back.

  2. Please how do I unroot my phone?

    I rooted with kingroot and when I try to unroot it, it does not uroot properly. What’s the best way to go about it plz

    • You can root via Kingroot if you’re using Android Version Kitkat 4.4 and root via sp flash tool if you’re using android 5.1 lollipop. All this things are available on this blog please use the search box.

  3. I have the 16+1 version of the Hot Note X551 which wouldn’t boot past the infinix logo, i have tried flashing with various ROMs still no luck…… HELP!

    • Taiwo sorry about that, I will advice you to download the stock rom meant for Infinix Hot Note X551 16+1 preferably the Kitkat and use Format+Download that will fix all your problems. Hope to read from you soon.

  4. Hi…my onfinix x551 has been having issues..sometimes it jst hangs and I Av to wait up to 5mins before I can do anything again.wen it shows d screen saver on d size of the phone now am NT sure if it is d case that’s giving it problems or its jst d phone
    Also..some times my messages take time before opening..i don’t know why too..
    Pls help me..thank you

  5. Ayoproxy gud morning, am sending u a msg from FUTA. I gt a problem yesterdy 9ite with my infinix hot note lollipop when i tried to use flash tools to install phliztouch on my phone unfortunately while performing diz operation d flashtool just stop. Nd since then i was unable to switched my phone or my phone failed to switched on. What should i do?

  6. Mtk droid tools not seeing my infinix note 551 on win 8.1 even after installing the Driver manually and even deactivated the system signature

  7. help!.. my fone was bricked.. i unbricked it using cwm.. now i have flashed back the stock recovery to replace cwm.. now whenever I get an OTA update, it does not update.. it will take me to the stock recovery mode and will show “tablet check failed”… or should i flash the stock rom, because now am scared of getting it hard bricked.

    • Bliss, you need to flash the whole stock rom again to fix the update issue. Your phone system is still having root permisions and this will stop any OTA UPDATE !!

      • Chai.. i downloaded one stockrom via mega sha.. i will try it.. if there is any whatsapp group, pls add me up.. 08095334107

  8. Please my infinix x551 keeps popping advertisements at unending rate drains my battery and do not make me enjoy my phone.

    Someone suggested it was a bloatware and truly I saw time service on my phone I freezed it but up to this moment it’s same

  9. Good job bro! PCs doesn’t recognize/see my phone whenever I connect with different cords. It keeps showing USB not recognize. Pls help.

  10. My phone infinix hot note has stopped charging As normal except i put off the phone even at that, it still takes like a whole day to charge and only when the phone is put off

  11. Hey my infinix hot note can’t make calls using to the airtel Sim card I have but the Sim card works on other phones what can I do?

    • Change the sim slot and try again, you can also chceck if you havent set it to allow calls only on one certain sim port. Goto your dialer slide down from notifications and see if the option ticked is ASK ALWAYS. Edna

  12. I just bought an inifinix hot note but it does not install applications. It shows parsing error weneva I tried to install applications. Pls, Wot shud I do?

  13. Some game crashes on my phone now that it’s updated to 5.1, and I tried checking system specs with cpu-z app, instead of seeing 8 CPUs (cores), I normally get something like 6(8 CPUs), 3(8 CPUs), please how can I solve this issue without downgrading back to 4.4

  14. Flashcharging has stopped on my infinix hot note, X551, android 5.1, so my phone takes so long to charge and I just got it in December 2015. What shud I do pls???

  15. Hi! My Infinix hot note doesn’t charge, but charge only when it’s put off and will not even charge fast as before.

  16. My infinix stopped charging fast,i bought anoda cord for it nd for d first week,it worked but later d flash charging refused working again nd now d phone charges extremely slowly, i av tried other cords same thing, i even tried using d infinix x600 still nothing…wat can i do cos without dat flash charging my phone is as good as dead..charges slowly nd drains fast…

  17. I av d same probs with olaoluwa… I’m using d follow come charger.. I av even tried zero3 follow come charger. Pls help

  18. Pls my Infinix-x551 with Android version 4.4.2 is just blinking when ever I want to play music, take or see pictures even when am writing. Help pls

  19. I upgraded my hot note yesterday and I noticed it took forever to charge and it can’t be the charger Coz I bought a new infinity charger at the store also…just to be sure I even tried my older charger still the same thing please what do I do

  20. please I bought my phone on the 13th of January 2016 and it was good for the first two days… after then, it started hanging(getting slow) so I had to format it… and have done that 3 good times.. the 2nd time I did that…after subscribing it refused to detect any of my SIM cards… then the third time I plugged my phone by 2:07am and there was light till 7:17am but it only charged to 2% I tried different chargers and USB but it was still the same.. I assumed that it was due to the voltage but I tired it again somewhere else that has a full voltage but it was too slow it took like 14hours to charge…. and its really frustrating… and the signal for fast charging doesn’t show again. this is an Infinix hot note X551 lolipop version X.N.1.0.5 ..thank you

    • Dorcas am so sorry to hear this, looks like you have tried every fix I can suggest but except one which is visiting the Carlcare centre. Find the closest one to you and Lodge your complains they will be happy to fix them for you. Best of luck.

  21. Hi i was browsing with my infinix hot note x551 when it hung for a while. I switched it off, and now when i try to put it on, it only shows the infinix logo and stops there. Help urgently

    • Uzy boot to recovery and wipe your phone ? by holding the volume up and power, stop. Holding the power button when it turns on… And keep pressing the volume up then u should be n the recovery. Wipe it

  22. Hi, im Gracey. Im using an Infinix Hot Note. The Android Version is 5.1…… Weneva I charge my phone with the charger that came with the phone, it writes flash charging, it shows two charging signs and it charges very fast, but suddenly today after using my charger to charge someone’s phone, it stopped writing flash charging, it stopped showing two charging signs and it charges very slow, though at a time, the flash charging popped up and it became fast but after disconnecting and reconnecting the charger, the problem started again. Pls wat could be the problem and what can i do?

  23. my infinix hot note fell into water a couple of days ago and I shut it down. After a while I put it on. I tried charging it the but realized that the phone goes off whenever I plug in the charger. Now the phone has completely ran down and refuses to charge.

    • No much stories… You killed the phone, next time place the phone in a basin full of uncooked rice for 48hrs without your sim,and remive the back cover, well the damage is done already so just take it to carlcare centre very close to you.

  24. i downloaded d latest zip file of d xui 1.n.3.1 nd wen eva i wnt to flsh it tru recovery, it wud say update aborted dat d file is for BC devices nd i v a D1 device, wat will i do apart frm using sp flsh tool?

  25. My PC doesn’t see my phone as a device, I use an Infinix hot note, I don’t know what to do. When I connect, the phone just keeps charging, it doesn’t give me the options of media storage or charge only

  26. Good afternoon. The infinix Hotnote am using dropped on a tiled flood and it’s like there is a switch on the cameras,the sharpness of the camera migrated to the selfie camera (front camera) and the sharpness of the selfie camera migrated to the camera behind the phone. There is a switch and when I snap, the pictures are blurred.

  27. my infinix hot note stopped charging fast. it only indicates one charging icon as against two and the phone is just 2 months. Any help please.

  28. Good afternoon. My infinix hot note now consumes a lot of data, especially the google services and it wasn’t like that b4. What can I do? N.B I dnt want to restrict data background or root my phone cos of update. Tnx.

  29. am using infinix-x551…..Android version 4.4.2 the battery was fine until a week ago when the battery starts draining really fast. what should i do.

  30. My infinix-x551 hot note battery used to be strong but since last week the battery starts draining really fast…. Pls what should I do

  31. Hello o ayo proxy my infinix hot note flash light stopped working some months ago what to do?… “” thanks!

  32. Pls in my infinix phone,if am making a call. Ones I press record, loudspeaker, etc…it won’t work .even to end my call it can’t I only end up telling the person am calling to end the call pls what do I do sir.

  33. Hello my infinix hot note got bricked some time ago and after flashing it I haven’t been receiving the system update again as before and it pains me a lot…and it’s been rooted what to do to upgrade it Pls!

  34. Currently on 5.1 and battery is draining fast in my own eyes reduces every minute
    What’s wrong even flashed the xui 1.n.3 but same issue, phone is 5months old

    • Xtreme sometimes it takes time for the XUI to adapt and optimise the battery but you might want to give it time or have a full discharge to something like 10% or 5% and give it a full charge by turning the phone off while it charges. Its called BATTERY CALIBRATION. Let us know if it works.

  35. Hi, am unable to download images & videos from whatsApp & even downloading attachments from my email as before. Also my camera is taking photos but cannot generate the same

  36. Gone through all the messages and no one seems to have sudden whitish of screen problem on exposure to sunlight. That’s the only problem and bug I’m having and it’s killing. Reverting back to Kit Kat might fix it but still in love with lollipop. You have a fix for it??

  37. Hi, I have Infinix Note less than a year . The battery keeps going off. The first time it took over a week before the charging responded. It happened again and three days later it starts charging…As I make this request, it has gone off again. What may be wrong with the phone battery? Please I need a reply urgent.

    • I guess the chargingg point is bad… It doesnt charge the battery very well and so it drains quick and you have a dead phone due to bad charging point. I will advice you take it to carlcare. Lawrence

      • Where is Carlcare? Thank you for the response. The Infinx Note started charging again late that evening it went off. I have factory set it with the hope it won’t go off again.

  38. bros I took my Fone infinix hot note Pro x551 to carlcare center for screen problem but after fixing the new screen, although it was working perfectly but I was told dat they av to downgrade my ROM from the initial 32gb to 16gb, which they did. I suspect a foul play there. how is dat possible? is there anyway my 32gb ROM can b
    e fixed back to my favorite again Pls

  39. Hello. Please my Hotel note won’t charge fast…. Planning on taking it to calcare. Hope they have a solution for it. Of it can be repaired

  40. My hote note pro is giving usb not recognized on PC and I ve tried several usbs please what do I do but it’s charging perfectly. …

  41. Boss ayo,my infinix fine is not charging well I even downloaded the du battery booster its still the same..what do i do about that…thanx

    • Gideon, you might have a charging port problem, but i will advice you upgrade your phone to Lollipop 1st and see if it might fix your charging issue.

  42. Can Infinix Note x551- 1G/16GB be upgraded to Marshmallow after it has been upgraded to Lolipop just like the Note 2 – x600 version?

      • I mean, the Marshmallow update for Note 2 1GB/16GB – X600, can’t it be safely installed on Infinix Note X551 – 1GB/16GB since they share the same hardware specification except screen size?

        • Akan, u make me laugh. There hardware is far different from each other and no u cant and it won’t work but you can go ahead if you’re sure about your idea. I will be here to read about how you killed your ho note yourself. Just wait and lets hope Infinix will release updates for Hot Note.

      • my infinix hot note 2 (x551) has serious faults …can’t receive msg nor send msg on time will stay over hours before it sends ..don’t even receive SMS at all some times….my dialer isn’t responding fast.. my battery is draining sometimes ….can’t download anything except on watsap …..can’t connect with de system using USB code when ever i wanna print from my phone.. my phone doesn’t show on de system.. I need solution to all dis please

        • Wow rancho this one na wa o.. But anyway the only solution i can think of is you should do a Factory reset and if it doesnt work try and flash it, if flashing doesnt work give it to qualified engineer to fix the charging point so u can flash it. If all failed please take it to CarlCare. Thanks

  43. good evening pls I recently upgraded my infinix hote note to android 5.1 lollipop sine=ce the upgrade I cant make or receive calls pls help me out

  44. After upgrading to lollipop and updating, my infinix hot note flash charging stop working and also not collect to my PC even with follow come charger

  45. Please am using infinix hot note 2 x551 And is download by it self without going to play store please help me it just wasting my MB.

  46. My infinix-x551 hot note when attached to the charger shows charging icon but does not actually charges the cell. It takes about half an hour to change a minimum of 5%. How do I solve this problem?

  47. I can download some apps frm my playstore and install successfully but some other apps will download and will tell me cannot install…I am using infinix hot note x551. .pls help me out.

  48. pls my infinix *551 all of a sudden started charging very slow and drains fast, i need solutions…..then how do i know if my infinix is on d lollipop OS?

  49. I have a infinix 16+1 version if am using an app on my phone then i minimize to another app before i minimize back the app will close it will restart like my browser

  50. My infinix x551 charge but increase slowly. When I power off to charge it just shows the Hazzard sign and wouldn’t bring battery percentage. What’s d issue possibility?

  51. my ifinix hot note wifi is always on,even when i put it off it will automatically on and downloading unwanted files.pls help me

  52. My infinix hot note now charges very slow, like it takes hrs for it to be fully charged , I’ve tried using other infinix chargers but it still wouldn’t charge fast

  53. AY proxy… I just updated my infinix hot note to lollipop version. However, I noticed the center minimize button doesn’t function as it should. It only pops out something like “open with Opera or browser”

  54. Hi. Please recently, anytime I try to download a movie, the download stops immediately or soon after the screen turns black or if I stop looking at the notification bar and let the bar go back up

  55. my infinix x551 hot note ideal power is draining my battery very fast
    my infinix x551 hot note battery is draining very fast suddenly what is happening?

  56. Pls my infinix hotenote selfie icon is no more visible, only d back camera is working n it’s not even as clear as it used to be. Thanks. F

  57. Hi, I’ve just recently had my infinix hot note x551 16G + 1G complete screen replaced. Now my back Camera is no longer sharp. Please how can I fix this.

  58. Please sir my Infinix hot note pro battery drains so much, please what can be problem and what’s the solution. Thank u

    • I hope you’re not using 3G? If yes, please switch to 2G and only use it when you need to download. Also, if you’re on Lollipop 🍭 try to close unused apps from the recent app screen.

  59. hello, so my infinix hot note x551 went off suddenly, now it isn’t charging or coming up at all. what do you think is the problem n the possible solution please. Thank you for your help

    • I think you have a faulty battery, will advice you charge it for 24 hrs or 12 hrs then try to power it. But if it doesn’t respond you might need to visit repair center ( CarlCare) in your country. Sorry for the inconvinence.

      • I’m so happy to see a medium like this. Pls, ever since my infinix hotnote was upgraded to this XUi, I can’t delete songs again. The memory is full and I need to delete some songs. I’ve tried but there is no delete option. Please, how do I delete songs from my phone? Thanks

      • Pls I need help. Ever since my phone has been upgraded to XUI (5.1VERSION), to delete songs have become impossible. My phone memory is full and I need to delete some songs. Please help me. Thanks

      • Ever since ma hotnote was upgraded to 5.1,to delete songs have become impossible. No delete option for songs. Ma phone is already full N I wanna delete some songs already. Please help me ayo

    • Naa Ashiorkor Otoo, your USB Port might be faulty. If your phone still charge adequately i will suggest you try the PC sync with another USB CABLE. If problem persist,please contact an engineer for USB CHARGING PORT REPAIR stating PC SYNC as very important.

  60. Good afternoon I upgraded my infinix x551 to Android 5.1…. Then some apps refuse
    to install on my phone… Apps like Instagram and winning eleven 2012 and many other apps… Pls what can I do.

    • Yemi, i think you have a low battery and you might need to keep the phone plugged in for some hours (up to 8 hours) so to wake up your battery from deep sleep. Let us know how it we can help you further.

  61. My infinix hot note 1 suddenly started hiding my caller ID any time l put a call through to people.
    I already called my network provider,they said the problem is from my phone settings. I already attempted so many times but can seem to find a breakthrough… Please I need help

  62. My infinix hot note x551 (kitkat 4.4.2) loses touch screen sensitivity after 3-4 seconds from unlocking it. I have to lock and unlock it several times to do basic stuff on my phone such as dialing. Solutions please!
    Note: I made factory reset several times. I also upgraded it to lollipop 5.1 and still the problem persists.

  63. I tried updating the system manually and then it showed the Android logo with no command written on it.. I tried following the steps I saw online by updating from cache but it was still the same..the phone was given to someone to repair and they told me that I deleted the OS and there’s nothing I can do to the phone.. Please is that true

  64. My hot note goes off and comes on its own. Sometimes it just vibrates and goes off. Then my phone doesn’t detect Sims in it. My Bluetooth doesn’t get a device neither does it appear on other devices. I have sent it to calcare twice and it came back worked for 2 days and returned the same issue. Your advice please

  65. I updated my infinix x551 with mobile data and i slept off while downloading when i woke up i checked the phone to discorver that it had hanged after the update. Since then the phone has been hanging as am using it.

  66. My infinix hot note 2 suddenly went off during the process of installing new update n since then only the android symbol shows on the screen. I need help. Larry

  67. I just bought the infinix note 3 x601, it has network problem on one SIM. The SIM is not detected by the phone. It started gradually but now it does not sense the SIM again even after a reboot, except I remove and insert.
    Any advise?

  68. Hello, Since when i updated my infinx hot note to lollipop 5.1 version it can install some apps like Scrabble and instagram, some times it used to show me code 504. How can i fix it to be installing any apps ?
    Thanks you

  69. good evening..i upgraded my infinix hot note to lollipop and I just fixed the screen recently, but no network comes on the phone, I know the problem isn’t from the sim cause my sim card works on other phones…what do I do?

  70. I flash lollipop update on my infinix x551 and ever since I updated it my baseband keep saying it unknown I tried reflashing it but my phone malfunctioned and my laptop won’t recognize it can someone help me

  71. Hello… My INFINIX X551 keeps installing unnecessary apps, popping adverts endlessly and activates features by itself like turn on my data, my wifi etc…I tried resetting to factory setting but no solution.. What do i do?

  72. My infinix note 2 LTE back camera is now blurry …it produces blur pictures …its not sharp anymore …please help…ive cleared cache ….reset my camera to default and even wipes d camera plastic but still d same blur pictures RR produced…please help

  73. Hello, I’ve tried to install a font manager on my Infinix X551 but none of them work.Is it that my phone isn’t rooted and if that’s the case,how do I root it? If not,what might be the problem?

  74. I went to a Carl care center and I was told that there is a possibility of the calibration getting affected if they change the battery of my infinix x551. How often does this occurs?

  75. Am using an infinix zero4 x555 with adroid version 7. A few days ago my fon demanded an operating system update. When i updated it sudanly the microfone stoped working properly. So the persons am talking to cant hear me antil i sude earfon. But what amazes me is, when i try recording a anything the mic works. So what can i do help pleasee.

  76. Am having issue of video and audio player with my infinix hot note phone. Whenever am playing audio or video it stops automatically and will not play except I replay back again and it will still repeat same process again.please what do I do?

  77. Hi my infinix x551 stopped powering up and was told to get a new battery did that but it goes off when i try to charge or connect the power cable and also displays battery temperature low please power off

  78. Hello pleàse my infinix hot note can be very slow at times,also the internal storage which happens to be 16gb as claimed to be is not because when I try to download stuff’s I’m told I don’t have storage do I go by it please