Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3 : What You Need To...

Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3 : What You Need To Know


Last week i talked about the launch of the long awaited Infinix Hot 3 and i also gave a quick review. Lately have been receiving emails from readers that what are the differences between these two devices and find it hard to decide which one to buy. Today we shall talk about Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3 and things you need to know.

Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3 What You Need To Know

Today am going to tell you What You Need To Know about the Infinix Hot 2 and Infinix Hot 3.

Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3 : What You Need To Know


Well one major difference between Infinix Hot 2 and Hot 3 is “AndroidOne” Hot 2 is an AndroidOne device.


What is AndroidOne ? :  Android One is a line of consumer electronics devices that run the Android Operating System. It is a standard created by Google for Android systems, mainly targeted at people buying their first smartphone, and customers in the developing world. Google manages the design, development, marketing, and support of these devices while all manufacturing are carried out by partnering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Android One smartphones run software close to stock Android, without the often extensive vendor-specific modifications that many smartphone vendors apply. Security and system updates are handled by Google, avoiding problems some earlier phones have had with lacking security updates. The first set of Android One devices features MediaTek‘s quad-core MT6582 Mobile System-on-Chip (Mobile SoC).

From the above explanation AndroidOne is owned and controlled by Google this is why the Hot 2 received Android 6.0 update before any other Infinix Device.

Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3

The new Hot 3 is running a customized Android 5.1 Lollipop OS made by Infinix called XUI (Infinix User Interface) its pretty though but can be “laggy” sometimes,but i wish they could have just installed Android 6.0 on the phone anyway am sure it will receive Android 6.0 Update soon.



hot 3 large batterry
Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3

Maybe this should have been the number one on my list. Well battery is the number on most smartphone users mind most especially users from countries that have epileptic power supply. But there is this thing about Infinix that i regard as business trick. Let me take you back in time…. Last year Infinix released a 3000mAh Battery for the Hot 2 due to user complaints but it was not available for most users i guess you don’t even know. Its very rear and hard to find in stores. I was surprised to see a new device with similar specification and similar name. Infinix is trying to play us like Tecno did some years ago. Anyway, the new Hot 3 is powered by a “massive” 3000mAh Battery compared to Hot 2 which had removable 2200mAh Li-Ion battery. Battery performance is better on Hot 3 but its non removable, who cares?



Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3
Hot 2 comes in five colors while Hot 3 comes in four colors

While you enjoy your Hot 3 with a 3000mAh battery you can enjoy the 5.5 inch wide screen display compared to the Infinix Hot 2 which has 5.0 inch screen. Why do you need a wider screen ? In my own case i can type easier on my 5.5 inch screen phone, Enjoy my action games as i shoot my enemies and cover more space to prevent ambush and snipers, Playing PES 2016 is better on a 5.5 inch phone compared to 5 inch.

Wonder how hard it is to enjoy football games on iPhone? It’s not easy. On the other hand 5 inch phones have just one advantage over 5.5 inches which is : “PORTABILITY”  it fits in your hand convinently not bulky like 5.5 inches.


hot 3 camera : Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3
Infinix Hot 2 VS Infinix Hot 3

Camera quality on Hot 2 is beautiful and am very sure the Hot 3 will have a better camera, think they both win in this category. Both have 8 MP rear and  2 MP front facing camera with a wide angle lens and soft flash.



The 1GB RAM version can be bought on Jumia for #26,500, while the 2GB RAM is sold for #28,500. Given what the phone can do, the prices is more than a bargain.



For anyone looking for a budget Android Phone that has 7 hours battery backup at a decent price. The 2GB RAM version is recommended for heavy gamer’s and people who do a lot of multitasking. Infinix Hot 3 is a good choice and we think its better than the Infinix Hot 2.