How To Use MTN 0.0K Free Browsing Via SimpleServer on PC

Have you heard about this trending trick? You really need to stop using MTN BIS ON PC for now and use this hot new trick. Today i will show you HOW TO USE MTN 0.0K Free Browsing Via SimpleServer on PC

HOW TO USE MTN 0.0K Free Browsing Via SimpleServer on PC

HOW TO USE MTN 0.0K Free Browsing Via SimpleServer on PC
HOW TO USE MTN 0.0K Free Browsing Via SimpleServer on PC

A lot has been said about this trick but most people have forgot to show you how to use it on PC. You don’t need a Modem to enjoy this trick all you need is your phone, Laptop and maybe your charger.

REQUIREMENTS : >>> Download MTN 0.Ok SimpleServer For PC <<< 

Psiphon Handler Must be connected on your phone, Read how to set it up here.

If you have all the above listed stuffs ready just proceed to turn on your Android Phone Hotspot .

Extract MTN 0.Ok SimpleServer For PC on your computer and open the application “AyoProxy.exe” and minimize it.

Make sure you have connected your computer  to your mobile hotspot .

Open your browser, Locate the proxy settings and change the IP and PORT to IP : PORT : 8080

save it and start browsing free till you drain your battery.

NOTE : Your AntiVirus shall detect “AyoProxy.exe” as Virus don’t mind her its a false detection. Just turn it off and enjoy free browsing.

Let us know if this works for you via the comment box below.


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  1. thanks boss you are the best

  2. Not working bros..I did it as u v instructed…

  3. ayo, pls. could you help me screenshot where I can input my IP and proxy port on my PC browser?

  4. ayo, pls. don’t know where to go on my Firefox PC browser to change my IP and proxy port. pls. help me screenshot it.

  5. Is this thing even working? Can you show proof?

    • What do you mean by show proof? It’s working , if it’s not working for you try a new sim or use the FAQ listed above in the tutorial, you can also buy data and forget about FBT.

  6. am still yet to try this anyway

  7. not working