Yesterday I talked about the New Lollipop Update for the Infinix Hot Note X551 this is a detailed tutorial that will guide you on HOW TO UPDATE YOUR INFINIX HOT NOTE X551 TO LOLLIPOP this tutorial will also work for other Infinix Devices which include Infinix ZERO 2, Infinix Hot X507.

I flashed the update yesterday on my phone and am happy with what I see so far, it feels Good.



This tutorial will be Updated when Updates are released for other Infinix Devices.

Before we begin you should be using one of the devices listed below :






You need to be on STOCK ROM if you are using a custom rom please flash back or restore the Infinix Stock Rom.

Un-Root your device.

Download the Infinx HOT NOTE X551 16+1 UPDATE 

Download Update For Hot Note PRO 16\32G+2G



Hopefully, you should have abide to all the rules and downloaded need tools as listed above.





  1. Download the Lollipop Update for Your INFINX HOT NOTE X551 (This File is Only for the HOT NOTE X551) .
  2. Extract to your desktop or any location of your choice
  3. Download and Extract your SP FLASHTOOL V5 to your preferred location on your computer.
  4. Turn Off your INFINIX SMARTPHONE (Remove Your Sim Cards & SD card)
  5. Open your SP FLASHTOOL and locate flashtool.exe Double click to open it.
  6. Go to Scatter Loading and select MT6592_Android_scatter.txt it will load up the remaining files.
  7. In the Picture above click the place labeled 2 and choose Firmware Upgrade
  8. Please DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR PHONE YET….. BE PATIENT (sipping voldka)
  9. Click DOWNLOAD labeled 3 in the picture above.
  10. Please Plug in your phone now.
  12. You can now un-plug your device and turn it on. (First Boot Takes Time)




Infinix Promised to release OTA(Over The Air) UPDATE today. To get this done just goto your Phone and click on SYSTEM UPDATES. Follow the guide below :

  1. Un-Root Your Device
  2. Install Stock Recovery if you have CWM RECOVERY installed before.
  3. Click on SYSTEM UPDATES be connected to the Internet with at least 1GB of DATA.
  4. Download and Click Install Updates, it should take you to the stock recovery and install the update.
  5. Reboot your phone and ENJOY.




  1. I don’t have the 20150813 version. What I have is 20150701 and the update app says it’s the latest version. The lollipops update was not available on.

    What do I do?

  2. Thanks for this post… Did it and it’s beautiful!!
    One problem, can’t root it (Lollipop 5.1). I’ve tried all versions of kingroot but it will stop at 70% or say “Root Strategy Unavailable”.
    Any suggestions or help please?

    • Welcome to Lollipop 5.1 Theo, am currently working tirelessly to find a rooting method. I will update my blog as soon as I find a working method. Please subscribe to our updates via mail or BBM CHANNEL so you don’t miss future updates.

  3. I have same isuue here . the build number i have here is 20150522 and the system update app can’t detect d new update. Will i receive the new update by virtue of my build number???? Or i shud go ahead and flash my device using ur method above. My device is not rooted. Thanks

    • Abass, if you have the Infinix Hot Note X551 with 1GB ram and 16gb rom patiently wait for the update or check regularly yourself. You can also use my upgrade tutorial at your own risk. Etc us know if it worked for you. Thanks. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow our social networks.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply. I have the infinix hot note pro with 2gb ram and 32 gb rom. Bought the phone 2 months back and really want to update my device OS.

  4. The download link u provided is just redirecting me to playstore to download one application in other for me to have access to d file I wanna download and second thing,d update,is it 830 or 713 update? and I also heard that the update get lag,that d 3G network do switch itself off often,is that true?

  5. hi.thanks for this explanations.would av downloaded the file from mega when i saw the post on xclub from infinix themself but was short of data.As debby said,i av the same version with an unrooted device.The best to do is to wait i think.thanks.

  6. …have just checked ur blog now but u didn’t respond to my own enquiry but u are responding to others.Se my question gat No answer ni?

    • Abiodun, sorry for late reply. Please download via Pc or install the mega application for Android to download the rom. The update should be as stated in my tutorial, the rom has bug : Can’t be rooted yet. But no other bug. The 3G issue is false it only switches from 3G to 2g if you have bad Internet coverage. Hope have answered your questions.

  7. Please could you update the link for “Install MTK PRELOADER DRIVERS”, it’s directing me to a page on Tutorial for rooting Infinix Zero…

  8. Pls I saw a link for Infinix Hot Note Pro ROM download from Xclub, can I download it and follow this steps for upgrade.

  9. Will I lose my applications if I upgrade using this method? And is there going to be an OTA update for firmware less than 730?

  10. Thanks for the detailed guide. Please can I use the details above to update by hotnote to kit kat? As I don’t know whether I’m on 0701 or 0730. X551-G808-A1-KK-28A-20150701 thanks

  11. I logout my gmail account from my infinix 507 but now I can’t login anymore or use it register a new account though I can access my account from all other browser. please, do you think hard reset can fix it? please I need your help, thanks.

  12. No need wiping ur device,if ure rooted just install lucky patcher, use it to clear host file , ur Google acct would log in wen next u try

  13. Pls, my device is Infinix Zero 2, I am currently updating via OTA, do I need to download any other to be able to complete the whole process without brisking the phone? Thanks boss!

  14. After downloading Nd umpiring my fone nd I plugged it into my system nd follow ur instruction and a green colour circle pop out with a pass mark nd I unplugged my fone try to on it Bt it receiveses to on or even show sign of working Pls help I need my hot note x551 1/16gb back

    • Tobi, you must have done something wrong during the upgrade this process is 101% safe for Infinix Hot NOte 1GB/16GB users. Try this gude to fix your phone back to life :
      Please try this FIX —>Just loose it open(if you can, note:this voids the warranty) and disconnect the flex of the battery and reconnect and flash the right rom again and ur phone should be up and running… if you can’t do above, simply do not charge ur phone and leave it to drain for days depending 6on the available battery it had before it died…. from 2-7days and re-flash the stock and appopraite rom

    • Easy, i never said it will work for hot x507 i said you will have to follow this procedure to upgrade it too… the files are meant for hot note x551. Read and understand before you blow up ypur device and dont blame me.

  15. You shouldn’t av include other devices in your heading…. instead you should have create a new post on how to flash mtk phones using spflash tools

  16. Iam using infinix hot note x551 1gb/16gb iam on 50202 will my version of os bricked my device or not cause i have tried one b4 and my fone went completely dead i have to take it to engineer to flashed my phone b4 it on agin so advice me if this your post and files will not brick my device and can my version of software 50202 work with ur post?

  17. Bro pls answer my first question and this d second question i have a cmw recovery image installed on my hot note x551 1gb/16 can i proceed with it?

    • I can’t assure you that it won’t brick your device… Toby please read the tutorial and be sure your phone is running what is speculated in the tutorial. You’re responsible for whatever you do to your device. Thanks for visiting.

  18. Thanks bro i did it successfully and i notoced a bug bt i ve fixed it it abt the 3g turning to 2g guys download mtk engineer in playstore and click on mtk settings den click on network selecting and click on wcdma only.good luck

  19. I have infinix hot note x551 2gb ram and 32 gb internal, which is running on Android kitkat, 4.4.2 and really like to upgrade it to Android lollipop 5.1 will it work on my phone without problem or even killing my phone? I haven’t root the phone before. Reply urgently pls

  20. The version of my phone is 20150522 and when ever I try to upgrade it it will tell me that it is the latest version. So would it work on my phone?

  21. Thanks have upgraded my infinix zero 2,but am having a problem have been trying to root it for some days now with different rooting applications for kingroot its tell me root strategy unavailable have tryed so many versions can u help me with that please thank u very much.

  22. Ayo abeg, my infinix x507 needs system update, but am scared of loosing my applications and files, it’s rooted. Pls tell me what to do step by step. Thanks

  23. Pls, when I try opening the flashtool. Exe, its telling me the program cant start because flashtoollib. Dil is missing from my computer., try reinstalling the program, how do I go about it??

  24. I mistakenly forgot to unroot my device. now my phone won’t go beyond booting. I can still access the android recovery system tho. the question is can I perform a factory reset without any complications?

  25. Please I still don’t get the hole story believe me, I was sent this update which I did all over and over but could not get anything please I would love to speak to the person in charge please I don’t mind calling u thanks

  26. Pls i bought hot note in august of version X551-G808-A1-KK-28A-GMS20150612, 1gb ram / 16gb. The problem is that it started installing different applications and when deleted it will install it again, it hangs a lot, it reads measures have stop working ,android systems have stop working and so on.when rebooted or power on it takes time to come up and it will read android is upgrading 1-6 . At times it wont power on util i wait for some hours before coming up. it shows blank screen too and when i click on updates, it reads latest version. Pls advise

  27. Ayo, please I just got Infinix Zero 2, it’s on KitKat. How do I proceed upgrading to Lollipop PS. Na new phone I no wan brick am abeg.

    • Congratulations ? on the purchase of your new phone. If you need to upgrade to Lollipop ? please visit the Xclub. The application is on your phone. Access the forum to find out.

  28. Bro i have a problem….updated my phone through spflash tool to 5.1….but now my phone is hanged….from last 2 hours…its just showing XUI screen…..what should i do now ?? …..sorry for my bad english….plz help me….thnx

  29. My friend told me that my phone is bricked and i need to flash new rom…..i dnt know how to flash……can u send me link for new rom nd method plz

  30. hello, I tried to upgrade my infinix hot note to os lollipop, but when I click download, its doesnt show up the yellow bar. and nothing happen with my spf tools. then I pull off my usb cable. when i try to turn on my phone, my phone cant turn on. just blank. and my phone turn dead. I charge, but no effect on my phone. no battery bar or anything. so what should I do with my phone rn? pls help me.

    sorry for my bad english. thankyou

    • Tzuyu, sorry for your loss. But if you have took time to read this tutorial carefully it was stated that the software may hang and look unresponsive for a while be patient. The phone got dead Cox you clicked download and later pulled it out please take it to the nearest Carlcare Center near you.

  31. oh yes, I wanna ask again. before upgrade to os lollipop, I just do the tutorial. and dont do un-root (ps: i dont understand what kind it is), there’s an effect because of it? so how to fix it? now my phone was totally dead.

  32. hi. i was trying to upgrade my infinix hot note to lollipop but there was some errors that occured and now my phone cant start up. please help me

  33. Can i upgrade my infinix hot note 2g ram n 16gb, build number gms 20150709 because i hv not received notification abt system updates to upgraded it to lolipop 5.1. Should i leave it lyk dt and i gat d diz fone last month. Please kindly tell me now

  34. i did the update with a windows 7, the process started and then an error occured and it terminated and my phone is not coming on again. what do i do ?

  35. Plz,iv once rooted my fone,which crashed but it’s back alive now,so,I den upgraded 2 d first batch of lollipop,but it has a while lot of bugs,and I later received d phone update, but,iv downloaded it but can’t install,and iv downloaded all I read on ur page,but I’m afraid of gtn it crashed again,plz,help me out asap

  36. phone upgraded! thanks man.
    i actually thought its going to improve the camera quality because since i unbricked my phone at the calcare center the camera quality of my infinix x551 reduce. but if there is anything i can do to bring the camera back do not hesitate to reach me. thanks alot

  37. I’ve downloaded the android 5.0 update for Infinix hot and I’ve not flashed any recovery and I want to flash this the 5.0 rom…should I download a cwm recovery because I’ve not found a stock recovery for this phone

    • Charles please take time to read this tutorial till end…. If you’re flashing via Pc you don’t need to install stock recovery but if you are trying to update via Ota you need stock recovery…. Read well before you comment sir. Thanks for visiting.

    • Amos sorry for your difficulty, please try another charger with your hot note, or use your charger on another phone if it charges then you might have a battery ? or charging port problem.

  38. Please I can’t update my Infinix hot note via OTA, I’ve tried those methods by using CWM but to no avail. Any useful info will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  39. Please I can’t update my Infinix hot note to the 5.0, I’ve tried those methods by using CWM but to no avail. Any useful info will be highly appreciated.

  40. greetings to you, can I make use of mobile uncle software, in place of stock recovery. if not how can I download stock recovery .I use infinix hot note x551.thanks

    • Why do you need a stock rom? If you need it cox you want to update to the latest Android 5.1 i advice you download the stock rom and flash via pc cox you will never get an OTA UPDATE for Lollipop.

  41. Pls help, I cant access nets (opra mini,gmail,downloading etc) wt my phone;infinix hot x507 since I subscribed for etisalat unlimited tru pishon and it has expired also have deleted d pishon in an attempt to go back to d initial browsing method that followed wt d phone. wat do i do?

    • This comment is on the wrong post, goto your data settings and click on Access Point Names. Press the menu button tap the restore default. Activate one and try to browse let me know jow it goes.

  42. Weldone Ayoproxy,
    Please I got my infinix hot not x551 in December 2015, the number on it is 20150612. I tried to update through the OTA but I keep on getting ‘is the latest version ‘ Does that mean my phone can’t be upgraded to the new lolipop? Can the above tutorial work on it or still new to be upgraded?
    Your swift response will be highly appreciated. Regards.

    • Thanks for visiting Mary, the Lollipop update for Hot Note was not released on OTA all you need to do is get a pc and follow the instructions above to upgrade your Hot Note X551.

  43. i have upgraded my infinix hot note 1gig/16 but wont load i have a problem….updated my phone through spflash tool to 5.1….but now my phone is hanged….from last 1 hours…its just showing XUI screen…..what should i do

    • John, sorry about that. Try this fix for your phone. Hold the Power button to turn off the phone and quickly hold the VOLUME+UP button + POWER BUTTON = RECOVERY. You should see a droid lying down dead hold the power button and press volume up to show the recovery options. Navigate to wipe data and factory reset click YES… Go back and wipe Cache Partition, Click on REBOOT SYSTEM NOW…. That should fix it, let us know if it works. Thanks for visiting.

  44. Good job ayo proxy…. Plus I’m using hot note pro 2gb/32gb……i did d upgrade and it was successful. But when I tried putting on my phone, it just hanged on xui….. Plus ways do solution….. I av tried doing solution u gave John also…. Plsss I need help ASAP.

  45. Good evening I have a request. Few months ago, I tried flashing my phone to upgrade my infinix zero 2 16gb to lollipop. It didn’t work and my phone was bricked. I had to download the stock ROM and go back to KitKat and continue. The stock ROM I downloaded was rooted and I haven’t been able to download any upgrade because even after unrooting every time I upgrade it gets bricked. Or it will fail. I need the correct lollipop version for my phone to upgrade because the last time it told me while using flash tool that the version wasn’t for my phone or something like tha . Can you direct me to the right place. Zero 2 16gb ? I want to download it and not lose all my phone data. And also this stock ROM I think has issues because my Sim card sometimes could just not be detected. I can be browsing and then it displays Sim card not detected, minutes later it says Sim card detected. What do I do ?

    • Error Message: BROM ERROR:S_COM_PORT_OPEN Fail(1013)

      Meaning: SP flash tool encountered an error while attempting to communicate with the phone via the target port

      * Try using a different port on the PC
      * Install VCOM drivers using
      * Ensure the phone is switched off with battery inside before connecting to the PC for flashing
      * Try using a different PC
      * Try changing the USB cord
      * Ensure the phone’s USB port isn’t damaged
      This should help resolve your issues sir,let us know if it works.

  46. Good morning. I tried d d system update method but it’s telling me I av d latest version. Buh d oda method of pc I dnt undastand it

  47. Hi, Please im kinda new, im using infinix hot note x551 and my build number is X551-G808-A1-KK-28A-20150701. is it possible for me to upgrade via OTA with the instructions stated above, also what is ‘stock recovery’ i have seen this on many forums and how do i get it.. Thank You..

  48. MR. Ayo i successfully rooted my phone thanx 2 u, but then again i tried rooting it and the rooting once again was successful. it ask me to reboot after and i did but up till this moment it keep on loading and showing the infinix logo on and off. need help

  49. MR. Ayo i successfully upgraded my phone to lollipop thanx 2 u, but then again i tried rooting it and the rooting once again was successful. it ask me to reboot after and i did but up till this moment it keep on loading and showing the infinix logo on and off. need help pls

  50. Hello Ayoprroxy,

    I must say you are doing great job here as everything about the lollipop process is well detailed. However, my phone is rooted already, hope unrooting and upgrading it won’t brick my phone.

    I encountered error while trying to download one of the programs. The Sp Flash Tool download link to mediafire seems broken, it reported “Invalid or Deleted File”.

  51. Goodday mr Ayo. I try to upgrade a friend infinix to lollipop as i did for myself now i keep getting the error Brom error s-ft Dram filed 4032. Enable dam failed. Pls what can i do

  52. good morning, i try upgrading my infinix X507 hot, after downloading it takes me to upgrading immediately i click on upgrading, its dispaly commands with options : restart, shut down, etc. i click on restart but its return me back to same option have tried all i can but all but no result please help my phone is useless

  53. hi admin I updated my infinix hot note x551 and after the update the device never come up as in it didn’t on again what do I do

  54. I’m getting “package error,Pls Check the update and download again” while trying to update my infinix x551 with the latest update…it’s happened thrice and Ive cleared the cache and data it’s still the same… Pls help

  55. I upgraded my infinix hot note x551 after the upgrade I switched it on the phone just stock at the boot loading I.e the logo

    • Ayuba, hold the power button to turn off the phone and press volume up + power till you see the android logo (Recovery mode) wipe the phone and it should boot normal.

  56. I’m trying to update my phone, I saw updating system and I click on it,and after some time I check d updating system,I saw save d updatin system nd I does,and I saw d android installed and after DAT wat I saw is Android system recovery, and it reboot,update from adb,update from sdcard,and d rest I dnt no wat to do pls help phone number 07033800483 d phone hot x507

  57. please i didnt read any of these things when i reveived the notification to upgrade my phone(infinix x507) so i downloaded it and clicked on ‘click to upgrade now’ under the system update, it booted and since the then it wil just write something showing all my files telin me to select the file to install, please what can i do. Note:my phone was rooted.

  58. Why can’t the update put on the normal system update trend so that upgrading from kitkat to lollipop be easy? I’ve tried this steps of yours but nothing works, Am using a laptop with windows 10 for your steps, anytime i try, it would rather be charging the phone, i have everything in place in terms of the software to install before the process, i’ve root my phone and unroot it, debug it, i follow the steps, the flash tool never says or does anything when i click on download of the extracted file. Nothing happens

  59. Please i left my infinix zero 2 for some time and when i got back to it, it wasn’t coming on. it was just flashing the infinix logo but it wasnt booting. What can i do please?

    • Turn it off and hold down the volume up when you want to switch it on, remove your hand from the power button when its turned on and keep pressing the volume up, now you should be in the recovery, press the power button once tapping the volume up same time, navigate to wipe data and cache, click reboot now… Your phone should be back to life, PS : You will lose everything thats on the phone. Lwt us know if it works, Gabriel

      • I have to use both volume buttons and the power button to switch off the phone… Anyways putting it on with the volume up and power button is not taking me to recovery, It just puts on the phone and it starts showing the infinix logo again

      • Hmm… Sir, pls am new to all dese stuffs and I am also tired of this kitkat 4.4.2 version of my infinix hot note X551 device. I really need ur advice on the easiest and best way to go about upgrading my phone to the latest bugs fixed Lollipop 5.1.. My device is rooted, and CWM RECOVERY installed. Pls I need ur instructions on what to do to get my phone upgraded to lollipop. I am pretty sure to follow all instructions that u will give. Thanks in anticipation

  60. i press system update on my x507 and for several hours its showing Android upgrading optimizing app 1 of 72 please help i remove the battery and replace still the same. what do i do