How to share DATA on MTN

How to share DATA on MTN



I have recently been receiving messages and complaints on How to share data on mtn.
So I decided to write a post on it…

I guess we all know know what data share is… in summary it means sharing your available DATA to friends or anyone..
Note: You can’t share Bonus given to you by MTN, You can only share DATA you subscribed for.

How to share MTN DATA?
To get started, simply:

Subscribe to any MTN Data plans.

1. Dial 131*2*1# or text REG to 131; to register for MTN Data Share, you will receive a unique security PIN
2. You are required to change the system generated PIN to a new PIN you can easily remember by dialing *131*2*5# or by texting Change OLD_PIN NEW_PIN NEW_PIN to 131. E.g Change 0000 1234 1234 to 131. Where 0000 is old PIN and 1234 is your new PIN.
3. After changing the PIN, you are required to add beneficiaries to your MTN shared Data Bundle account via USSD menu *131*2*2# or by texting Add to 131. You can add up to 5 beneficiaries at a time.

4. Once you have added beneficiaries, you (the sponsor) will be able to share your available data bundle among the added beneficiaries by sending the keyword Share to 131 or simply dial USSD code *131*2*3#

Note: You cant share less than 1gb data.

That’s it guys… you can now share data with your loved ones, friends and family…

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  1. I once shared my data with a friend then changed my password again(the second time) it disconnected my “beneficiary” and ever since my sim has stopped sharing data. What do you recommend I do to rectify it?

    • Debayo: Please call MTN CUSTOMER CARE on 180 to report your issue as its more complicated for me to solve. I hope you get it working back,thanks for visisting.