UPDATED : How To Change HTC IMEI To BlackBerry IMEI

UPDATED : How To Change HTC IMEI To BlackBerry IMEI


htc imei - ayoproxy

I decided to Update this post after reading dozens of negative comments about difficulties users engage in while trying to use this tool called HTC IMEI CHANGER BY AYOPROXY i have added new changes to this tool.


  • Removed Other droid tools remains IMEI CHANGING
  • Added IMEI.TXT it will help you manage your old,original and new IMEI and keep them safe.
  • Removed Administrative rights
  • New Look in Software
  • Added README,TXT a brief how to use for Newbies.

If you are still a fan of the Glo BIS on Android then you will love this tutorial am about to write about.
I hope you have read my tutorial about using Glo bis on your Android phone,if NO please read it here :
So,you know the basic rule now.


  •  You need to change your IMEI because the default method about using Glo BIS is to enable 3G network permanently,and as you know this method drains battery quickly its like when you have a nail in your vehicle tyre.
    When you change your imei to BlackBerry you will be able to use GLO bis on 2G network anytime you want without needing a bb to re activate the long boring process again.
  • Changing of IMEI can also fix any issue of INVALID IMEI on your device.

HOW TO CHANGE MY hTc Smartphone IMEI to BlackBerry IMEI
Before i proceed,be warned that changing imei is very illegal and you might be jailed for it.


I think you are rooted? If not please read rooting instructions

Download and install Minimal ADB and fastboot on your PC

Download Ayoproxy hTc IMEI changing tool v2.0 (Updated)

Read how to install USB DRIVER HERE


Extract the IMEI changing tool to the same location you installed MINIMAL ADB AND FASTBOOT and open the program by clicking on it

You should see something similar to this screen below :

Please be sure to have Enabled USB debugging on your device if you dont, this program wont detect your device

Select option 3 as displayed on screen,let it do its magic….

When it reaches a stage that kicks you out just type this commands (i was unable to add them in the program)

fastboot oem write imei 35412345xxxx replace the codes with your bb imei and hit enter,,,, tadah !! IMEI changed,just in case you encounter any problem please comment below.

imei xcx
Where to get BlackBerry IMEI ?

Just comment on this post and i will send you a working imei to your email.

I hope this post was helpful? Please share .



  1. thanks for the tutorial. i actually followed the instructions, but when i got the stage where it writes DOROWAIT it quits itself.

    • I will try to re upload the script soon

      Check tomorrow bro

      In the mean while, press the option 3 again and press enter,connect your phone before you do it . tell me what happens

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. i followed the instructions and steps carefully but when i got to a stage of DOROWAIT it quits itself. what is the solution to that. am using HTC ONE XL. you can reply me on my email address above. thanks will be anticipating

  3. […] 5: Not meant for Samsung and other Qualcomm users, to be sincere if you use Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola don’t even think about using glo bis on your droid. You can be lucky to get it to work for some days but when you start having issues then it has come to stay.  Their is a fix for this anyway and it’s only if you can visit an Android Engineer with a servicing box he can change your IMEI for you at a token of #1k. Furthermore, I have good news for HTC USERS Can Now Change Their IMEI to that of BlackBerry for free. […]

  4. please kindly help cos each time I write the imei no it tells me that this project does not support sdcard. any form of assistance will be appreciated. thanks.

  5. The HTC one is rooted and I have viper one installed on it but yet to gain s-off due to the fact that the hboot version is 1.60. And if you can help with s-off I will really appreciate it and I don’t mind paying a token for it. Thanks.

  6. this project does not support sdcard and the bootloader is unlocked already with teamwin recovery installed on it. Thanks once again for your response.

  7. Yes that was what I used but maybe I will try changing my recovery cos presently am using team win like I said in the initial post. Thanks

      • Yeah. ‘Sunshine’. That’s what they call it. Can also be used in rooting too. So I read. Stumbled upon it one time too. Tho ‘Firewater’ was free but seems the company rebranded and added a $25 charge.
        Still searching too

  8. Ay you are indeed a genius, pls help I av succeeded in changing my HTC one xl Imei (using exposed installer & imei changer) d H keeps disappear 1CE I switch my APN to blackberry.net & glo didnt send any SMS to acknowledge my BB Imei. Pls help me out

  9. gud am, I was able to change my HTC One imei to that of blackberry but the browsing net refused to come up. kindly help.

  10. pls l am using itel 1452 and l have rooted it as u described and l have successfully download mtk engineering mode and mobile uncle, but when l try to change my imei there was no mtk information or CDS information or radio information that will enable me to tweak any imei, the problem goes for mtk engineering and mobile uncle….pls what other ways can l use to change the imei…

    • Roland, thanks for your comment am sorry to inform you that your ITEL device is not an MTK but a SeadTrum device its imei changing method will be available soon.. Keep visiting

  11. I av successively changed my imei, bt anytime I tried to on the network with blackberry.net my phone would be automatically disconnected, pls what can I do, am using HTC Desire HD

  12. Ayoproxy well done gud job but sir am using HTC m8 and I don’t know the kind of applications I will download to root my and change the imei to bb

  13. Please Sir I sincerely need a working IMEI to tweak on my HTC OneS on Glo Sub, I have tweak all BB IMEI I could find on the web but non is working, I even downloaded BB IMEI generator, each time I tweak any of the IMEI and even changed my APN to Blackberry.net it work browse at all.. I tried sending ‘flat’ to ‘1234’ to see if they recognize my device as BB but it always say “Your Nokia 1200 doesn’t support automatic setup” I can see my Sub being activated but I wouldn’t browse. Please bro what should I do ? Tweak a genuine BB IMEI.. Here is the last IMEI I Tweak :354261046102072

  14. hello bro, i need your help cos i follow the steps correctly but when i try to write the new imei it gives me command error!!! . so i need a quick solution to that cos i can wait to change my desire v imei so i can use glo bis. thanks for the knowledge and last i am one of your lovely fans which allow appreciate and gives kudos to your work

    • Yusuf thanks for visiting, if you keep getting that error that means your phone is not vulnerable to this exploit. Phones like HTC One V ad Co seems to be unchangable. You can also add spacing eg: fastboot oem write imei or fastboot oem writeimei try this one’s


  16. ayo please i need your help in real time…can we chat via whatsapp? here is my number 08112589689 i am having troubles. it always tells me waiting for device and thats where it gets stock.any help?

  17. Bootloader is unlocked but i still have s-on
    i used the minimal adb and fastboot. Kindly share link to get the right drivers cos i dont know if the ones i installed are working though.

  18. Bootloader is unlocked but i still have s-on and how do i turn s-off?
    I used the minimal adb and fastboot. Kindly share link to get the right drivers cos i dont know if the ones i installed are working though.