I know you are excited right now and it all feels like you are in Paradise, You cant wait to visit the MTN SHOP nearest to you and buy a Million Sim and start browsing free.


I dont have much to say i just wan to pass it to you that MTN IS BACK AND BETTER, and have activated 4 sims already. You need to understand that this wont work on SIMS that have already enjoy this offer. You need a new sim “Virgin” as many people like to call it.  Tweak the IMEI below :






You need to know how to tweak IMEI you can Watch my Video Tutorial or Read it here .


Dial *123*4*3*2#



Sir its valid for 30 days.

I hope you enjoy this new update please share this and comment. Thanks.


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  2. COol..NEED UR NUMBኸ

  3. need ur number

  4. pls brother….its saying am not eligible for the offer…

    • Am sorry to hear that Tbest please make sure to have tweaked correctly and if the problem persists please be patient it might be a network issue.

  5. plz bro how do I tweak my imei without pc

  6. Thanks AY I have gotten mine.

  7. IT Work for me oooo..
    i just got my 2015GB.

  8. Y’ello!, you are not eligible for this offer. Please subscribe to any other MTN data plan to enjoy cheaper rates. That’s the reply I keep getting, any hope?

  9. pls after tweaking and sending infinix I can tell u DAT have no gotten no reply

  10. Ayo proxy I sent Samsung it’s telling me dat hv enjoyed dis offer b4 pls what can I do or should I gt a new sim

  11. Okay boss can I meet yhu on whatsapp my digit 08134467629

  12. AY, pls add me 2 Nairaland Android WhatsApp group am Dia b/4 bt I just changed my phone so dats Y I missed d group.
    Here is my no. 08165652757 SMBK

  13. Pls. If Dia is any android discussion groups u know just add me.

  14. Ayo proxy made my day I swear I don dey waste time on top tweak since na you analyse am for me oh.. .. thanks bro 2sims and still trying

  15. Ayo proxy made my day I swear I don dey waste time on top tweak since na you analyse am for me 2sims and still tweaking… .. thanks

  16. working perfectly but can someone get more dan 2gb on a sim?

  17. can someone get morethan 2gb on a sim?

  18. I got my own too…thanks bro!

  19. Ok. THANkz Greater you bro, but please permit me to copy your tUtorial to my web because am a webmaster like you. I will put your site as source am i Permitted? I saw it at other webs but i saw it on yours first

  20. I got mine on Friday, I tried to do it on my second simcard but mtn is on ghost mode. No reply from them again since yesterday even if you send INFINIX to 131 100times.

  21. Boss ay bigger yhu I pray I don do 10sim oo

  22. MTN no dey reply my text I don tire oo

  23. thanks admin.. I just got it

  24. Please kindly add me to your whatsapp group on 08139526515. Thanks in advance

  25. Kindly add me to your whatsapp group on 08139526515. Thanks in advance

  26. Dear customer, you are eligible for only one 2MB data plan daily.

    why ? and is it composry to send does mssg as u line it ?

  27. omo I never get am oo but morale dey share! as others don get

  28. I’ve been tweaking since but no reply and if I check it says you don’t have 2015mb better me sub.

  29. pls i am a novice in this aspect and i need to learn it asap. pls how can you be of help ayo.tnx

    • Am surprised to read this comment Olaoluwa, read the post very well and you will see the direction, Nigerians dont read instructions all yall care about is the IMEI.

  30. Pls is dis imei still working sir?

  31. @Islafaat….please paste the imei u use to get urs here….. Or anyone should please paste the imei they use to get theirs here…. Abbegy

  32. now workin now. y?

  33. Boss d imei no work again oooo

  34. ayo abeg drop some working imei series for us tankz.

  35. I tried it and it shows me am eligible to 2mb only

  36. I tried it and it shows me am eligible to 2mb only… Plz help me out. And i want to be on your Wathapp group.. My number 08166462579

  37. Stil working have tweak more than 40 sim naw

  38. Binary wats ur last tweak imei.

  39. Nice tread. Pls,mr Ayo after reading the instructions I tried it twice and received At command is msent. But ever since then anything I send to 131 is not going through please what can I do? Please kindly add me to whatsappapp as well. 08032944433.

  40. sorry Ayo, i’ve bin followin ur site nw.. nd 4 dz cheat i’ve tweak mre dan 20 times, nd d service reply z alwys ua only eligible 4 1mb happy hour data.. pls reply bak

  41. Pls ayo add me on your wassup contacts chat or
    group chat dat u past info 07037099495 or bbm 569BB3B2 we will discuss busines.
    Hope to hear from u soon

  42. pls, am not always lucky, i tried it wit one tecno but it did not work, pls is it still working. some one pls help me. here is my whatsapp number 08067315568. some pls help me

  43. pls how do i get a working sequence? Each time i try,it tels me u can only receive dis offer once or u are not qualified.i knw of pple who do it within 5mins and it works 4 dem.pls help me with a valid sequence.

  44. when trying to change my imei i always got AT COMMAND FAILED TO SEND

  45. i jst tried nd it didnt work for me