Hire Us

Hire Us

Every body needs a blog weather its for business or personal use and its not just about owning a blog but owning a beautifully designed blog that meets the person’s taste.

I can design a responsive blogger blog with a custom domain and email IDs at an affordable price, you don’t have to break the bank to own a blog as I my rates are affordable by all.

Mail me using my Contact Page to for me to show you blogs I have worked on before.



Other Services…

1. Facebook Ads: I can help you to run Facebook ads  so that you can have high Return on Investment, you don’t have to bother about your ATM card rejection by Facebook just provide me with the post URL and we will work on it.

2. Management of Twitter and Facebook Pages: Are you too busy to maintain your Twitter or Facebook Page? Hire me to update your followers with engaging posts everyday so that they won’t be bored nor  unfollow you.

3. Customization of WordPress Blogs: Is there any feature you like on my blog or those have worked on and you need me to add it to your blog, am ever ready to work with you. I can add the automatic read more, theme, security against hackers and many more to your blog for a token, just contact me.

4. Buying  Domains for Blogger/Wordpress Blogs: I can buy domains and link them to your  blogs at an affordable price, I will do it and everything will be working within 24 hours. Example of my work is JokeAdeGoke Blog and many more, just contact me using the contact page.

5. Admin for your blogs: If you need an admin for your entertainment or tech blog, hire me for exclusives blog updates.

6. Mini Importation Business Consultation: If you are planning to go into mini importation business and you need someone to give you the full details on this am your best shot, you will pay consultation fee though, importation business is the hot cake now believe me.

    7. Logo Design and Lovely Banners for your Blog/Business:  Look no further you got the right man for the Job.

    8.  Certified Computer/SmartPhone Engineer : I have an awesome reputation in repairing Computers and SmartPhones, if you need help. Am all yours.

Is there anything you think I offer or you want me to work on for you that is not listed here, just tell me using the Contact Me Page i respond faster than the Flash !!