Glo Introduces The Cheapest Data Plan Ever Seen

I had a dream that we shall buy 1GB data for as low as #200 well it’s possible this days but with strings attached.  Anyway, Glo is very close at making our data dreams become reality with this newly released data plans which comes with unbelievable prices.


Glo Current Data Subscription Rate And Value

1. N1000 → 2GB 30Days
2. N2000 → 6GB 30Days
3. N2500 → 10GB 30Days
4. N3000 → 12GB 30Days
5. N4000 → 18GB 30Days
6. N5000 → 24GB 30Days
7. N8000 → 48GB 30Days

Now, to enjoy this new offer from Glo, simply dial *777# and choose any data plan subscription of your choice and surf the net. It works for all devices.

The question on every body’s mind is “How reliable is Glo network?” Well there has been a lot of various answers from different people in different locations. Your location will determine your network reception and download speed.

We hope other networks resolve there prices too.

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