How To Get Original Infinix Replacement Charger For Hot Note, Note 2

How To Get Original Infinix Replacement Charger For Hot Note, Note 2


Ever since the launch of Infinix Hot Note, Infinix has hit us with lots of lovely devices with awesome specifications and reasonable prices back to back but one thing that’s lacking is the non availability of genuine Charger for  Infinix Hot Note phones that support the Infinix Flash Charging technology.

Super Fast Note 2 Charger

For the Infinix Hot Note phones to charge via the Infinix Flash Charging tech, they must be charged with a special Infinix Charger. The special Infinix charger has dual power output system; a basic 5V===2A/7V===2A output option and higher power 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A output option. As printed on the special charger, the output option on use is automatically determined by the load. For example when you load the charger with a standard phone, the power output defaults to 5V===2A/7V===2A option. However, when a phone like the Infinix Hot Note or the Infinix Hot Note 2 is loaded, the power output defaults to the 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A option. At the higher voltage power output option, the Infinix Hot Note charges to capacity in less than two hours – a charging system that Infinix has named Flash Charging. Normally, most phones charge to capacity in four to six hours.

Tested Original Infinix Charger
Tested Original Infinix Charger

Today on TechPhreak we shall discuss Where To Get Original Infinix Replacement Charger and How You Can Identify Original Infinix Replacement Charger.

One way or the other you might have lost your original Infinix charger either to poor electricity condition, thief, unstable power from generator, deadly fall, broken plug etc which ever way you might have lost your charger i bring you a lasting solution today.

Many users have complained lately about buying fake Infinix replacement charger from some local stores around there neighborhood. It’s hard to identify an original charger and very risky to buy online at the same time but today i will show you how have been able to get an original Infinix Charger for my Note 2 LTE. The picture above is the  Original Infinix Replacement Charger confirmed by Infinix if the charger doesn’t look like the one pictured above it might be a fake charger, beware. More pictures below.

This Are  Original Infinix Replacement Chargers
This Are  Original Infinix Replacement Chargers

How To Identify Original Infinix Replacement Charger

After coming across many chargers referred to as original i now have a way to identify and differentiate fake from original even without testing.


Fake Infinix Charger

I will be sincere with you the Original Infinix charger has a noticeable weight compared to the fake charger.


Charger Price


Due to the current economic situation of our great country Nigeria, the charger is kind of expensive it starts from 2000NGN upward if you see a cheaper one its probably a rip off, please run.



get original infinix replacement chargerIf you take a closer look at the adaptor that comes with your phone  touching the printed surface gives a little bit of feeling when you rub your finger on it. Feels like its engraved, that fake feels like its printed on it.

4. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUEget original infinix replacement charger


Like i already said he just gives you some complements like “Take it and leave it’s the original, if any issue return it” when you hear this it means he’s not sure about his product.



The most important aspect, the fake charger doesn’t flash charge but takes time to acquire just one percentage. You sit there hoping to get that double charge logo but you’re disappointed and it also heats your phone unnecessarily.


I would like to recommend some few places where you can get the Original Infinix Replacement Charger, they include:

AD : For those who reside in Ekiti State and its environments you can call Tony on +2349023293408 to get your Original Infinix Replacement Chargers !!


If you’re looking to buy the Original Infinix Replacement Charger online and have it delivered to your doorstep with an amazing pay on delivery offer. Konga is the best place to to be, you can buy from this verified stores or choose from this long list here



Slot Nigeria one of Infinix biggest offline and online retail outlet also sell Original Infinix Replacement Charger for Infinix smartphones.

3C HUB3C HUB stores in Nigeria

Another offline store with a commendable customer review also an Infinix retail outlet sells Original Infinix Replacement Charger you can check the image above to see if you have any 3C HUB store in your location.