Get 500MB And Above On Your Airtel Sim Now. Working Fine

Get 500MB And Above On Your Airtel Sim Now. Working Fine


Its been a while now since I got to know about the free airtel 500MB but I wouldn’t want to post something here on this blog that I haven’t tested or have someone confirm it working.
I confirmed it this morning using my friend sims. One got a total of 201MB and unfortunately, the second friend got nothing. Judging this, its targeted at some sims and not. For those who recharge their airtel sim regularly, there are chances you will get a good number of data MBs. For the stingy sim, well you could be lucky to still get some free data mb from airtel.

Now back to the airtel free 500MB Trick, follow this simple steps:

Dial the following codes accordingly :

1. *141*13*50#
2. *141*13*100# 
3. *141*13*200# 
4. *948*1# 
5. *141*13*1# 
6. *141*712*007# 
7. *141*712*001# 
8. *141*712*0# 
10. *223#

You will probably meet an error with the first few codes but just continue with the rest codes. If you have a lucky sim, you will get about 200MB, 5MB, 1MB, 394MB which will sum up to 600MB.
If your sim aren’t so lucky like in the case of my friend, you could get between 100MB to 300MB and if your sim is very stingy, you could get 1MB or even nothing at all. My friend didn’t only get a total of 201MB, he also got free N150 worth of airtime to use during the weekend and a month free usage of whatsapp. You have got nothing to lose. Just try them out and tell me the total MBs you got using the comment form. 

How Do I Check The Total Data MB Given and Validity Period? 

Simply dial*123*10#and you will be shown the total MB you have alongside when it will expire. Cheers and do enjoy!