Free Browsing Conspiracy in Nigeria written by AyoProxy.

Free Browsing Conspiracy in Nigeria written by AyoProxy.


It’s a new year,we are Nigerians, we are one family,we have been through a lot ever since our birth. We have been cheated a lot by the Government. We have been deprived of affordable fast internet like other developed or developing countries. We always wish to download 2GB files within 30 minutes.


Gosh, all that said you’re still wondering what’s this dude talking about.
I want to tell you how cheats work.
Cheats,another name for free browsing. Has been in existence since the introduction of internet in Nigeria.
We used to surf the internet with zero Naira before but that has stopped years ago. Cheats used to be discovery and exploitation of loop holes in the ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER) database. Then it was stuffs like and we visit Google without airtime even if you have airtime it won’t be tampered with. You might want to ask how is that possible? Let me decipher it for you. is a free website and its hosted on the Mtn server it has been programmed to be accessible even without airtime and should be free even when you have airtime on your device. So when we add the @symbol it just gives us a passage to Google linked by the free site telling the server Let em ho the are my pals.

The modern day Internet has fixed all this bugs and loopholes so they provided us a stuff called Data Subscription or Data Plan that means you buy Data Bundle with your money.
We longer have the @ kind of cheat or cgi-bin nor proxy type of cheats anymore.

People tricked em this days by think the impossible but we have failed to realize that for what we have paid so much for we can get free or at a lower price.
Thus days we talk about MTN BIS ON ANDROID Glo Bis on Android etc. The truth is ALL THIS MODERN DAY TRICKS are all conspiracies. Yeah,permit to call it that name.
Airtel Bis on Android has continued to work because they were earning much from it 2GB for #1.5k and most users of this so called BIS plan are Android users in fact it’s not patronized by Blackberry users anymore but Android users.
Also the MTN Bis on Android has not yet been discontinued because MTN is earning much from it and they knew they were loosing customers to other ISP like Glo who has been dashing out 3GB for #1k am a proud user since March Last Year,even though we have to change our IMEI to Blackberry own doesn’t mean it’s a trick nope it’s a way to give it a restriction and to reduce there servers from heavy consumption and over load. Take for example Samsung, LG, Motorola and Some other Qualcomm Snap Dragon users have been finding it hard to use the Glo Bis except HTC users who have read my tutorial on how to change imei on their beloved device. Other users can use Android Engineering Box to change their IMEI.

The whole tricks of now a day’s is just a Business Conspiracy and a war between ISPs so my fellow Nigerians enjoy this cheats while they last.
But am confident that AIRTEL BIS on Android will stay forever same thing applicable to Glo, and am sure MTN is ready to regain her customers.

I hope you enjoyed my first epistle of CONSPIRACY THEORIES.




  1. Nice One Bro. 🙂
    You Said It All.
    We pray we reach that time when they will be wi-fi everywhere nd we surf the internet free in 9ja.

  2. U made it clear bro, this article tuk me bak to those days we use to surf the internet without interruption nd all that..
    A big thankx to ya dude…
    Kip it going..the sky is ya starting point..