Fixed : How to Fix Message Not Sent on Gionee M2

It can be very frustrating when you are unable to send SmS on your phone, so now you regret flashing that custom rom. Oh God! I wish i never flashed this rom, that’s what you say everytime you try to send a text. We all know that Stock Roms are boring… We wanted more so do i.

So now let’s get down to it, lately i have sms issues on my M2 after flashing DarkL custom rom.

How To Fix Message Not Sent :
Turn on your phone and dail this code by going to your dailer, i mean where you dail calls.

Dail : *#*#4636#*#*
Click on Phone Information


Scroll down to SMSC BOX if its empty pr you see a 000 just click on the refresh button.


It should display your Network SmS Service Centre number, of it doesn’t, please type it in the box. Click update after typing the right SMS CENTRE NUMBER


Close… Now you should be able to send SmS, if you still can’t send SmS please reboot your phone or try to root it and retry this tutorial.

I hope i helped you save your phone? Please share this post…. #peace

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