Find Cheap iPhone 6 on JiJi.NG

Find Cheap iPhone 6 on JiJi.NG


iPhone 6 is waiting for you

I’ve been thinking about buying an iPhone for a while, but iPhone 6 I wanted to get seemed to be a bit expensive for me. I decided to talk with my friend who recently bought an iPad and maybe ask for advice. As it turned out, he found a great online service where one can easily find great things at low prices.

After I came home, I went straight to my laptop and opened (that’s the name of this service). Some words about the website: it consists of classifieds – hundreds of thousands of adverts. The new advert appears every five minutes, which is quite impressive. You don’t need to be a computer genius to understand how Jiji works. The interface is very simple. So, I chose the category named Mobile Phones and Tablets on the left (there are more than ten of them), and started seeking. The list of offers is not just long, it is too long. Luckily, there are different tags you can click on and filters you can apply. Anyway, you’ll know what to do when you open the website.

After I found a nice iPhone 6, I called its owner. Frankly speaking, I was a bit concerned about whether it is a real person and the advert isn’t fake one. However, everything was okay, and we agreed on a meeting. I got my iPhone on the next day after I found the advert.


JiJi is one of the most secured online retail shop in Nigeria. They take time to verify if their users or ad poster are fake or real, i personally recommend them.

  • Choose the location yourself as the Buyer.

Do not let the seller choose a location for you, make sue you are meeting in a Public. Its unadvisable to hold meetings at your home.

  • Test the items very well.

This are some of the issues faced by buyers, they later complain of buying damaged items. Its your responsibility as a buyer to test and confirm the geniunity of the item before paying.

  • Do not make payments before seeing the items.

In some very rare cases buyers are told to send payments before they receive their items. Do  not fall for this trick from scammers and please take time to report them buy clicking the REPORT button below the seller’s profile.

With all this precautions kept i guarantee you will enjoy your dealings with Jiji like i did, am now a proud owner of a shinny,cheap,original iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 is waiting for you – look for the best options at Mobile phones Jiji.