Finally : Nigerians might witness the extinction of 2GB AND 3GB IMEI...

Finally : Nigerians might witness the extinction of 2GB AND 3GB IMEI TWEAKING.


Extinction, what is Extinction?
According to merimaan dictionary it means :

the state of being extinguished or extinct.

the act or process of becoming extinct: the extinction of a species.

I will like you to relate this meanings to imei extinction,

if you’re new to tweaking with your mind fresh and fingers ready to work, please save yourself the stress and focus your energy on something else that’s more profitable than this imei business  because am sure you will run lose like so many Nigerians.



Nigeria might be the biggest Africa economy on paper and records but in reality and things I see in real life I don’t think so.
After the discovery of imei tweaking trick Nigeria youths thought of a way to monetize the free browsing trick and bless themselves. You might be wondering, how did they go about it? I will analyze and unleash the secret behind it.

Buying and Registration of Sims.
Youths go to the street and purchase sim cards from MTN KYC agents at a whooping price of #50 per sim. They buy at least 5 and at most 25+ and tweak it over night.

Printing and Pasting of Advert Poster

Like the picture above that’s a clear example of posters Nigerians paste around the streets, corners, halls, and public places.  This might look stupid when you see them but it has been very effective for this hustling Youths.

Sleepless Nights
Tweaker believe that Midnight adores a lot of luck and blessing for this job, just like the Bible makes you believe that midnight is the perfect time to communicate with God so also is the believe that midnight is the best time to communicate with MTN. Whenever the popular 131 server stop responding tweakers safe themselves the stress of tweaking and keep the fight till midnight. It has always worked for them anyway except now.


MTN might not run any lose except server overloads which might have been caused by the use of a monstrous mobile application called “SMS BOMBER” this little beast with 1.0mb of size might have been the cause of many reasons for the sudden demise of 131 not until it’s resurrection..

You might still be wondering how, we’ll the truth is “SMS BOMBER” can be used to DDOS MTN server. 131 to be specific, a lot of people use this beast the same time with mind blowing pings which is detrimental to MTN server.


The picture above is a clear example of the heavy request 131 is receiving, imagine send this amount of requests at the same time with more pings or less what do you think it will need to if not SHUTDOWN OR RESTART.  this is why pro tweakers always kick against the use of SMS BOMBER.

Furthermore, effect you tweaking has so much more impact on INFINIX MOBILE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, I keep asking myself how will new customers get their destined OFFER whenever they buy new Infinix Products with this data offer which am sure Nigerians have used and probably the new buyer has even bought the sim with data.

At the end am sorry to inform you all that MTN IMEI TWEAKING still works but 2GB AND 3GB IMEI TWEAKING HAS COME to Extinction, you might be lucky to tweak 2gb daily no more no less. Which is bad for business. Nigerians are waiting patiently for a new DEVICE with data offer to be used and tweaked.

You might still want to learn IMEI TWEAKING for the stubborn one.

What do you think about this conspiracy theory? Let us know by using the comment box, criticism is allowed.
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  1. Every sensible person no there’s is an end to everything….. But na selfishness they kill us in Nigeria…. Imagine them using that bomber of a thing cos they want to get more beyond the normal 2gb/3gb. And some don’t mind if they can tweak up to 100 Sims per day forgetting that others won’t get working imei again.

    As for me I do it for fun…. I have the new techno y5 imei now and I’m giving it to someone who can pay for it..
    . 3gb data + 6month Whatsapp…. Email me for it

  2. I got the IMEI for free from you…why should I sell it? It is so annoying that we are greedy and can’t even help others as YOU have been doing for us…What if you kept it to yourself or other bloggers did the same? What would they say/do? They suck!

    Anyways, a big thank you to you. I hope someday I can contribute to your blog perhaps financially cos its been helpful really.

  3. imei tweaking rocks, it has helped me acquire cash, fame and lot more though i tweak with inspiration and not with greed. we all are waiting for the next imei to tweak. Ayoproxy nice blog

  4. Any other Imei is for Next Month lets Pray God Spare our life more than next month and enjoy the tweaking fun again maybe next month will be about the new Infinix O #TImmland

  5. i was at mtn office in kuduna requesting for PUK at yakubu gawon way. one man come to buy new mtn phone, he bought 2 new phones. then i ask the oi want to view his imei he allowed me. one imei is 100mb valid 12month and the other one 3gig valid 30days all the imei are working magnificent. i will gv 100mb now 359767053597218 the original u can tweak lilke 359767053597219 359767053597210 359767053597211 359767053597215359767053597200 … for the 3gig i will post after i activate for 100sims.

  6. working mtn 100mb imei 359767053597219 359767053597291 359767053597811 359767053597215 359767053597300 359767053597400 359767053597301 359767053597309 activation code MIFI to 131 working magnificent