Enjoy Unlimited Downloading for #70 On MTN (BbLited)

Enjoy Unlimited Downloading for #70 On MTN (BbLited)


MTN is back again with lovely goodies for we Nigerians,even though they are exploiting us with over sized price for small amount of Data.


This new update as been around some blogs and people have start to enjoy it so am here to share the good news with you.
Instead of going for the BBMIDID which is charged for #100 for gigs.
You should try this sugarcoated plan that offer same gig as low as #70 for if not unlimited but almost unlimited.

You can use this plan as an alternative while you enjoy your #1000 for 3GB via Glo NG.
More so, you still have #30 to make calls to your friends.

— > In an Sms Send BBLITED TO 21600
Wait for the activation SmS

Open your simple server on pc and start surfing, if you don’t have simple server please read about it here.


  1. As of March 30th emptyhen’s found a way to block it. If you pay for 15mb simple server would connect you to browse with the stipulated data amount only. How do we bypass this new restriction?

  2. What is benefits of upgrading my blackberry bold5…..Is it possible?…what are the side effects?….Your early reply will be appreciated

  3. Na lai joo mtn haven’t not get anything am downloading 10 gig file now still on 8.3 gig… MTN EVERYWHERE YOU GO.


  4. Plz the simpleserver I downloaded the Injection line come with 3 lines so
    plz should I till press keyboard enter key 4times

    • Mr Sam : where do you download the simple server from please use the one on this blog or remove the lines and re insert 4lines I mean pressing the ENTER button

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