Today i will like to tell you about How To Change HTC SONY SAMSUNG LG IMEI WITHOUT PC.



If you have being following my blog very well you will notice that i have wrote a tutorial about how to change IMEI ON HTC DEVICES VIA PC well this trick still works but its a little bit stressful though. You can read about it HERE.

This new method is easy and can be easily done via your mobile phone no need for  computer.

Before i proceed i will like to bring it to your notice that you are responsible for whatsoever damage you cause to your phone AYOPROXY will never be held liable.


  1. Make sure you are rooted,if you are not you can read the easy rooting steps here
  2. Download and Install XPOSED INSTALLER
  3. Download and Install IMEI CHANGER
  4. Share this post and Comment
  5. USE YOUR HEAD !!!

Now you have all this Apllications installed so we are ready to proceed.



Open the Xposed Installer and navigate to FrameWork.


It wiil ask for SuperUser Permission please grant it let it acquire root permission.


Click on the Install/Update button it will ask for a reboot, please let it reboot.

After rebooting,open the application again and go to MODULES


You should see your Installed Modules we are looking for IMEI CHANGER just like the picture below,please tick it and reboot.


Now that you have finish rebooting go to the IMEI CHANGER application in your menu or app list.


Your default IMEI will be written in RED COLOR with a bold font so big that a blind man can even see it.




I will advice you to write down the original IMEI and also make a screenshot and save to your SD CARD.

Now you have to paste your IMEI in the empty Box and click on APPLY.

You dont need to reboot your phone to apply the new IMEI just turn on and off the AIRPLANE MODE and you can see your new IMEI applied.


How can i root my Phone ?

ANS : You can use Kingroot, Towelroot and Iroot

Why cant i use this on my HTC Phone ?

ANS : The only reasons you experinence issues on your HTC is if your phone is still S-ON

How do i know if my phone is S-ON ?

ANS : Reboot to fastboot by turning off your phone and whilst powering on hold volume down and button to boot to fastboot. If you see S-ON at the top you might need to turn it off.

How do i get S-OFF on my HTC ?

ANS : It requires different methods to turn off S-ON on various HTC devices.





If this works for you please comment and tell us the name of the Phone, Thanks and God Bless.


  1. mr ayo i did it on my samsung galaxy note || the imei change successfully but and when i change the access point to it won’t work

    • Thanks for the comment DR BASH check if the imei is still valid by dialing *#06# and if its still valid to be that of BB IMEI change your network mode from 2G to 3G vice versa. Hoping to read from you soon.

  2. Tnx bro,….it works on my samsng s2 t-mobile. Abeg i need valid imei lik mad… My sub go soon finish boss… We dey wait 4 samsung s6 imei ooo.. Mre blessn..

  3. Thanks man i successfully change infinix x530 imei but I’m yet to test it if glo really detect my imei has been changed

  4. I’ve tried this process before on Note 2, imei changed, Glo still recognized my phone as Sammy for Auto configuration and didn’t connect to

  5. I successfully change my samsung S III mini but Glo did Not Detect my Imei so the Glo Bis is Not Working on it please Reply me 07031841181 what’s number Kindly add up

  6. thanks AY. it worked whn i used it for Nokia XL but it changed the two slot to d same IMEI. it didn’t bring option whr i can choose wch of d slot i wanted to use. pls wat do i do abt dis so dat d two slot will nt have d same IMEI? thanks

    • Leksite the tweak is meant for two sim phones,thats why you have repeated IMEI will tell you how to backup your IMEI nd restore later in a new tutorial coming soon

  7. I tried it on Samsung galaxy note one. But when I got to the stage of modules, I click on module it tells me that no exposed modules were found. Please assist

  8. I did, I clicked on install /update, then I rebooted the phone. Am using version 2.6.1 and my phone is also rooted. I’ll like to speak to you on phone. Please kindly buzz my line 08035013555, I’ll call you. I truly need this stuff cos I spend a lot on Internet

  9. Hey bro.tried rootin nd tweakin dis on itel inote prime didnt wok alxo tried mtk jst bout d phone.pls wot do u sugest i do.

    • dial *#*#83781#*#* to change any itel imei to blackberry imei, it is very easy and doesn’t take any process…after u dial the code, a page will show up and u will see a box where ur phone imei is, box 1 indicate sim1 while the box under indicate sim2 then u change the one u want to blackberry imei, then u scroll down to press change button, after that it will ask for permission for ur phone to restart, restart it and that’s all, then press *#06# to check ur new imei
      NOTE: you don’t need to put phone in offline mode or any app to do the process, just dial the code…..remember to change ur APN to, message me on my whatsapp no 08164405392 if u don’t still understand…. am enjoying Glo bis on my itel1501 till now

  10. good day bro. though I was able to change my imei no with xpose on my HTC One but glo bis is still not working on it. kindly help. thanks.

  11. Hello ayo. Tnx for the update but the i guess the xpose instaler isn’t working for my s4. The view of the framework i got wsnt d same as d screen shot u gav above. N wsnt able to click d install /update button.

  12. Hello ayo thanks for the post but my s4 gt i9500 i wasn’t able to change my imei because the install /update is not like the one u posted it can’t be installed please help

  13. hello Mr.Ayproxy …Blessed your efforts
    thanks i changed imei s3 mini but this method possible on all htc …sony …Oh my God Oh my God…i hope so……why I am tired of so much over four months but to no avail because the government
    Turkish devices sold outside Turkey closed … again thank you very much but do you also benefited from Module : Exchange User Agent Fake …Is it benefited of change imei

    • Thanks for the compliment Seyi, as at now i dont know how to change imei on ITEL but i think their is a pc method for it. I will look into it and see if i can write something about it.

  14. pls can this method work on a lg optimus pro.I’m rooted already but scared to try since no one above has tried it on a lg device

  15. I did it on my galaxy 3 d IME changed but with additional /18 which I did not include and thus is no working Wat do I do to remove dis pls

  16. Pls can I use this method to change my already rooted Samsung Galaxy Duos? If no, what method can I use please?

  17. Eureka!!!! after several weeks of trying to tweak my imei with different methods but to no avail. but after 1 trial using this method i changed my imei and the subscription worked perfectly on my samsung galaxy grand duo. tnx abunch mr. ayo, u made my day. I used 3g only instead of 3g or 2g automatic connection, n I changed my apn to, and just like drama the navigation began…..datz all.

  18. Worked on my galaxy s4. But before I added the new imei I wanted to add. I didn’t see my default imei written boldly in red. So there was no default imei to screenshot or save Or write down on a piece of paper. So I just added my new imei and saved it. It worked thanks. The new one I added worked. I hope that the fact that I didn’t see any default imei to save or screenshot is not a big issue. And won’t worry me later.

    • Am happy to read positive comments about this method and thanks for your comment, chukwudi. You can get your default imei by checking the back of your phone when you remove the battery of your phone. Thanks and please subscribe via email to our blog.

  19. changed my galaxy core alright but refused2connect2Glo data network, checked imei discovered it has addditional /01 after 15digit imei!!

    • Frost am very sorry for the inconvenience but it’s okay to see other numbers after your imei on Samsung devices. Insert the Sim in a blackberry device and try it again. Thanks for visiting.

  20. Ayoproxy, thanks for the help, not a tech person but need to change a blacklisted imei number on a galaxy s5. Couple questions, again go easy on me, everything I’ve learned about imei numbers and rooting etc has been in the past 24 hours on Google. That being said, can I manually enter a imei number from my old iphone4 using your tutorial since I know that one isn’t blacklisted. Also any other tips for the amateur that I am?

    • Greg, thanks for visiting my blog. You can fix your Samsung imei with that of any other Samsung device imei. And I don’t think replacing it with an iPhone imei will work.

  21. mr. ayo more greese to your elbow. please how can i change my samsung galaxy note II imei number completely to work with the bis. i dont understand that method via pc very well and will it work for my samsung

  22. guys u didn’t. mak mention of samsung galaxy s4 i have tried all dis procedures but still yet glo bis refuse to work for my samsung galaxy s4. help oooooooooooooooooooo

  23. Kudos for your good job Mr. Ayo. My issue is that i find it so difficult to download xposed-installer and IMEI changer from your blog with my Phone . Please how can you be of help. Thanks.

  24. ayoproxy nice work. i use samsung galaxy note 3 neo duos. i have successfully changed my imei, both of them to blackberry. i still can’t be able to browse especially after turning my network mode to 2g&3g auto. what do i do?

  25. Thanks mr Ayo, your post is truly informative and educative. I have been having problem trying to tweak it1502 imei. I have tried using shortcut master and*#*#83781#*#* with out success. please your assistance in this regard will be very much appreciated.

  26. i tried it on two different samsung phones now but it refuses to work .. it was galaxy note 2 and S II.. they are well rooted phones but when i changed the imei it applied but it wont connect with its giving me headache

  27. Can it work on Samsung Galaxy s5 mini,the model is sm-g800f,i really need to change my phone imei to blackberry imei, pls help me, I am spending so much money on Internet

  28. ya is true I just tried it on my Motorola, it changed the imei but wouldnot connect to the internet using
    pls tell me you have found the solution

  29. I installed the apps as requested but when I opened xposed Installer it complained in red saying ‘the lastest version of xposed is currently not active. did you install the framework and reboot?’
    I don’t know what that’s means.
    pls help me. Am using Samsung galaxy core prime (SM-G360H).
    Pls if you would be kind enough to follow up this request by answering me on whatsapp (08104119722) I would be glad. but either ways the email is fine.

  30. Mr Ayo, God bless and reward you for the good work you have being doing. Pls I successfully change the IMEI of Samsung Grand2 duos. But can connect with the glo bis. Model SM-G7102

  31. Hi Ayoproxy,
    I use an itel it502 device. I rooted it with Kingo root app for mobile and I successfully downloaded the “Xpose Installer” and the “Xpose IMEI Installer” but I had an issue. After hitting the “Install/Update” button and rebooting the device, I get an error message under the framework button and it gives this message in red, “The latest version of Xposed is currently not active. Did you install the framework and reboot?”. I have downloaded different versions of xposed and i have uninstalled and reinstalled the app over and over again, i have reboot the device countless times; all to no avail. Please i need help, I’ve tried different methods to change this IMEI from MTK Engineering to using PC and now xposed, i feel really frustrated.


  32. Ayo many thanks for your good work, i have manage to install all the needful on samsung galaxy j7, rooting, imei changer and i have changed my imei successfully but is not connecting when i changed my sim that has an active glo bis subscription with as apn.please help

  33. pls I successfully changed my LG optimus dual sim, but glo biz is not working, though I the Imei changer didn’t highlight my IMEI IN red, but I confirm the change by dialing *#06#, pls wot can I do, wot do I add to my APN.thanks

  34. I have completely lost my imei
    I try this one and I had the imei that iv puted in the line
    when I press *#06# I saw the imei iv put and/null..
    I need to get the imei cuz the sim card is not available
    Also I cant connect the mobile on computer cuz iv lost the data line on the bored :/
    So I need to fix it without Usb cable
    can I ? And thnx

  35. The update/install button is inactive on my phone: snokor z5000… Says “xposed is not yet compatible with Android sdk version 22 or your processor architecture (armeabi-v7a)” …. Pls what does this mean

  36. Ayo Pls save people the stress and needles hope, the xposed imei changer only masks imei but doesn’t change it actually hence it is practically impossible to use glo bis with this. It doesn’t work on any model at all. It only masks but doesn’t change imei so glo bis won’t work for nobody.

  37. pls help,im unable to use mtk software to change imei of my samsung core prime g360h after i rooted it can i change the imei pls

  38. man you arw a genius, many thanks
    but if i uninstall those 2 apps the IMEI will not go back to the original one?
    thank you so much for ur work

  39. Ayo baba thanks for the updates…I have changed mine but it dosent connet to network at all….i used this imei 358265016853134 and d normal glo bb apn…any help?

  40. Hi how can i root my sony xperia c4 dual u tried with all apps but i doesn’t work help me plz and if i change imei how can i recover my old is it permanent.