(ROM] [-DarkL-] [M2] [Beta] Gionee M2 Dark L custom rom


This is my new -DarkL- rom themed to dark android L from scratch by me, there are no bugs and it’s my rom so it will keep improving with time, this is not a ported rom like others and is themed alone by me, please read whole post before downloading-


Read flashing instructions HERE, DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU BRICKED YOUR GIONEE M2.


!! Warning- This rom is still in beta stage and is only for Gionee M2 !!

1.Themed like dark android L
2.Android L statusbar, quicktoggles
3.Android L messaging app
4.All android L icons for all apps
5.Android L lockrings, only rings
6.Google camera, calander and music
7.Android L like recent apps
8.Based on latest mmx KK, so it’s totally bugfree
9.Better battery life than other KK ROMs, stock kernel
10.ROM is not rooted, need to flash root zip to root
11.Fully deodexed /app, /priv-app, /framework for faster app opening speed
12.Wonderful dolby digital sound with no volume loss
13.Adfree hosts, no apps will show advertisements
14.Build.prop tweaks and init.d tweaks, working ones only
15.Cyanogenmod advanced calculator, browser, torch app added
16.Added notes widget for homescreen, useful
17.Cyanogenmod Clock widget with working weather
18.Init.d tweaks, vaccuming, detailing, enabked ksm, zipaligned, defragmentation, cleaning on every boot
19.Launcher plus kk as default launcher app
20.ROM size is about 212mb, will decrease size in next versions

1.You must have STOCK KK and custom recovery
2.If you are already on stock KK, just flash CWM
3.If you have already flashed CWM then only proceed
4.Wipe data/factory reset
5.Wipe advance->dalvik cache
6.Flash ROM from sdcard
7.Reboot and enjoy


DarkL V1.4

XDA:DevDB Information
DarkL, ROM for all devices (see above for details)

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Stock Kitkat
Based On: MMX KITKAT MT6582

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 1.0
Beta Release Date: 2014-11-16

Created 2014-11-16
Last Updated 2014-11-16

NOTE: Am not the maker of this rom, i am just updating y’all… Click thanks on xda.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 UI Rom for Gionee M2



Guys the new Samsung galaxy s4 ui ROM for gionee m2 ported by RGN team and now ready to serving u a new experience……… Hope u like it took as u liked our previous ROMs

Full Samsung ui experience like dialer, setting, contacts calendar etc etc
Best ever screen unlocking
Slim n fast
Exposed and all exposed module working
Totally bug free
So y waiting download n enjoy………………
HERE is the download link


For rooting flash king su cwm zip
HERE is the rooting cwm zip

Instruction for flashing

Open ctr recovery
Do all wipes one by one using wipe menu in ctr
Then flash ROM zip file
After that flash king su cwm zip then reboot n enjoy…..

If u like it then pls hit thanks on xda post

This rom was Brought to you by Nj Rock and Geo Baby

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HOT : Keslar Rom for Tecno M3 by Hovatek



This are specs of the hot new baby

Team Hovatek has released this Keslar custom ROM for its Tecno M3 users. More custom ROMs (Keslar infinito series) running from Android 4.2 to 4.4 will soon be released for other Tecno phone models. Please drop your review as a comment.

*Note; Ensure to make a Clockworkmod / Nandroid backup before flashing any ROM!


* Android 4.2.9.
* Customized UI, icons and Sounds.
* Reverse engineered to work on Tecno M3 (and maybe Tecno S3).
* Optimized for better WI-FI / wireless connection.
* Optimized for faster browsing on mobile networks.
* Optimized for faster boot, response and isolates lagging apps.
* Optimized for lower rate of power consumption (longer battery life).
* Optimized VM Heap size (balances apps RAM requirement with smooth hardware functioning).
* Hardware acceleration (reduces CPU time of CPU consuming tasks).
* Improved voice call quality.
* Optimized Internel and External storage I/O (increased read / write speeds and faster mouting / unmounting).
* Deodexed and Zipaligned apps to enable smooth tweaking.
* Improved picture and video recording quality .
* Improved picture and video rendering on screen.
and more….

You DO NOT need to wipe data / factory reset before flashing this ROM. Doing a data wipe / factory reset in Clockworkmod sometimes results in Null IMEI for some people (see: How to fix unknown Basebrand version, null / invalid IMEI & SIM card not detected ). you can just clear cache.

Click here to Download the Keslar Custom ROM for Tecno M3 by Hovatek DOWNLOAD CUSTOM ROM

How to install

1) make sure the phone is rooted and you’ve installed clockworkmod on the phone
2) put the downloaded zip in the root of the sd card

3) Copy the Keslar ROM to your memory card and boot your phone into recovery mode (switch off the phone then press Volume increase button + power button and keep holding both down )
4) Select Flash zip from SD card
5) Select the Keslar ROM then click Yes to confirm.

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Root and Install cwm recovery on Gionee P3


Hi Guys, this post will tell you how to root your Gionee P3 & install Custom recovery.

Rooting Gionee P3 is very easy. Just you need to install an APK and it will do the job.
Kindly read my post on rooting Your Gionee P3 and other Gionee devices.

After completing the rooting you can now proceed to CWM recovery installation.

What is CWM ?
CWM is an acronym that stands for ClockWorkMod recovery. Its a modified version of the original/stock recovery that comes with your Android device.

Benefits of CWM includes :
Full nandroid backup of your phone current rom structure.
Installation of custom roms.
Installation of  root required zip files
And so on….

Its pretty easy to instal cwm recovery on Gionee P3,you should read my post on How to install cwm on MTK Devices

Here is a link for custom recovery. It is working fine and you can use it to take NAND backup before cooking custom ROMs
Download CWM recovery for Gionee P3

How to install CWM Recovery on MTK devices.


Yo, today i will teach you how to install ClockWorkMod recovery on your MTK devices to enable you install Custom roms and make backups of your phone rom structure or os.


A BIG head
Working eyes
Mtk mobileuncle
Rooted MTK phone

Lets proceed…….
Read how to Root your MTK devices with ease.
Download mtk mobileuncle tools from playstore
Goto settings>Security>unknown sources (tick it)
Install MTK mobile uncle
Download your recovery.img file and place it in the root of your sd card.
Open mtk mobile uncle
It will ask for root permission, grant or authorize it.


It will automatically search for the recovery.img placed in your sd card.
Click on it and it should bring a screen like this.


Click OK and let it reboot you to your newly flashed recovery.


NOTE: Kindly make a backup as soon as you flash a new recovery.

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