How to install CWM Recovery on MTK devices.


Yo, today i will teach you how to install ClockWorkMod recovery on your MTK devices to enable you install Custom roms and make backups of your phone rom structure or os.


A BIG head
Working eyes
Mtk mobileuncle
Rooted MTK phone

Lets proceed…….
Read how to Root your MTK devices with ease.
Download mtk mobileuncle tools from playstore
Goto settings>Security>unknown sources (tick it)
Install MTK mobile uncle
Download your recovery.img file and place it in the root of your sd card.
Open mtk mobile uncle
It will ask for root permission, grant or authorize it.


It will automatically search for the recovery.img placed in your sd card.
Click on it and it should bring a screen like this.


Click OK and let it reboot you to your newly flashed recovery.


NOTE: Kindly make a backup as soon as you flash a new recovery.

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How to Unbrick a soft bricked Gionee M2


You are messing around with custom Roms, tweaking your Gionee M2 and doing some other mind blowing stuffs on your M2 right?

So you just bricked your Gionee M2,then you are at the right place and you’re reading the right article.


There are some many reasons that can cause your phone to brick and bricking also has two categories they include :
1 Soft Brick
2 Hard Brick

If you soft bricked your phone then you’re safe.

If you hard bricked your phone their are two things involved,is either you take it to the service center or buy a new phone.

Am writing this post on for those who have soft bricked their Gionee M2.

You will need the following ;
Your head (Brain)
CWM recovery installed on your phone before.
An SD card
And Stock ROM……

I hope you can still boot to recovery?

If yes…

Download the stock ROM for Gionee m2 HERE
Copy to your SD card
Boot to your recovery and install the downloaded stock ROM like you re installing a custom ROM.

Boot to recovery
Wipe Data Preflash
If you don’t ve data preflash for those using CWM recovery, just wipe data,cache,dalvik cache
Goto install zip from SD card
Locate the Stock ROM and flash
It will take like 5mins or more to boot up,
Be patient…..

I  can’t boot to recovery.
This is a bad news that means you have to follow a advance tutorial with the help of SP FlashTool. But am yet to write the tutorial. 😨


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Infinix: Grim future ahead?


Infinix Mobility, one of the fastest growing smartphone companies in Nigeria is now the name in every household.  One in two Nigerians own an Infinix smartphone and virtually every Nigerian has heard of the Infinix brand of smartphones.

Going through the current tech trend and situation of things in Nigeria, It may be time for Infinix to “step up its game”.


Hey, If you don’t plan to cut the 3.5mm headphone jack from your smartphone design(Apple style), you might want to consider including those factory made earphones we’re so proud of.

The disappointment is always crushing when our smartphones ship without important accessories like earphones, earbuds, and in some cases extra USB adapters. Other major brands in Nigeria sell their phones with accessories like Covers (with leather, rubber options), Screen Guard, OTG Cables etc regardless of the budget level.

We salute them for including a tampered glass for the Infinix Note 3, but it wouldn’t have hurt to include a cover.. It’s the little things, right? 


Ain’t nothing compared to the joy you get when your device can go from 0 to 100 real quick.  It’s awesome, but it breaks your heart that the charger might be useless after some months. Have you ever noticed the issues with the Infinix chargers lately?

The USB cable just fails you gradually, it might require you to purchase another USB CABLE.

Later the Adapter’s USB port starts to shake and misbehave. At the end you’re left with a useless Infinix  Flash Charger (It’s Terrible) getting another flash charging charger is an even worse Headache.

Infinix should get better by providing us with quality USB Cables and Adapters.


With the brand Infinix has been able to build it is rather surprising that they are yet to have a certified store/partner that sells Original Infinix Accessories. It may prove to be a good idea if Infinix can urge Oraimo, a long time partner, to create accesories for them and sell through their accredited online and offline stores across Nigeria and Africa at large. This will be a solution to the problem of unavailability of Original Infinix Accessories.

Conclusion :  If you think TechPhreak has omitted anything that hurts your heart about Infinix please don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment box below.

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Leaked Sketch Photo Of Iphone 7 Pro Has Two iSight Camera And No Headphone Jack


Its just getting crazier for Apple this days, today we came across design schematics from Japan and it seems Apple is trashing the Iphone 7 Plus name and headphone jack,  iPhone 7 Pro moniker and two iSight cameras may be in.

Detailed drawings of Apple’s larger-sized iPhone 7 suggest that it’ll be the same thickness as the iPhone 6S Plus at 7.3mm, but add new features, according to Japanese magazine Mac Fan.

A dual-lens rear camera is the phablet-sized highlight of this iPhone 7 Pro sketch, and it backs up last week’s newly discovered Apple patent for telephoto and broader lenses in one device.

Iphone 7 Plus

Two main Camera features have been used on smartphones recently: the LG G5 can take either tighter, normal 16MP pictures or wider 8MP photos with its second camera.

The Huawei P9 simultaneously shoots black-and-white photos with more detail and color photos for more vivid tones, and then combines them into one with an adjustable bokeh effect.

These aren’t even the two best camera phones. That title belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, so Apple has its work cut out for itself in September.

It’s clear to everyone that Apple needs to improve on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus camera in the face of mounting competition, and a dual camera setup is one way of doing just that.

However, it’s unclear to most why the company would axe the iPhone headphone jack, as rumors have suggested. They may have more to do with each other than you think.

The schematics indicate the iPhone 7 Pro will be the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S Plus, even with the second iSight camera onboard.

That may be why Apple is allegedly consolidating the headphone jack and Lighting port. Every bit of extra space counts when it comes to the world’s best phones.

In conclusion, the sketch from Japan might be true or false we don’t know if Apple will call it iPhone 7 Pro or maybe they will use this design, more information will be available by Mid-September.

Researchers Break Apple’s Encryption


Researchers at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), led by Matthew D. Green, have found a bug in Apple’s encryption. It can allow a skilled attacker to decrypt secure photos and videos sent as messages. The flaw might not have been used by the FBI? to recover information on the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone, but it proves that encryption isn’t fool proof as Apple Claimed.

Researchers Break Apple’s Encryption

Green is a cryptographer and said that a court compelling Apple to undo its own security makes no sense as there are already bugs which can be exploited. He said, “Even Apple, with all their skills — and they have terrific cryptographers — wasn’t able to quite get this right.” Green’s team of graduate students will publish a paper describing the bug as soon as Apple issues a patch for it.

Green said that it’s frightening that “we’re having this conversation about adding back doors to encryption when we can’t even get basic encryption right.”

In conclusion this research has prove that the so called “Almighty Apple” with “Almighty Encryption”  on expensive smartphone are not truly safe as advertised.

Infinix Hot 3 Users Drop Your Issues For Solutions


In a bid to help our readers fix there devices and give room for a question and answer section. Drop your questions via the comments box and we shall give you a corresponding answer. We hope you will love this new update.

What problem are you facing with your HOT 3, let us help you solve them free.


This blog post is dedicated to all those who use Infinix HOT 3 and have issues with their phones.

Infinix Hot 3 Issues like :

Infinix Hot 3 Not Charging
Infinix Hot 3 Battery drain
Infinix Hot 3 Rooting issues

Infinix Hot 3 Update issues

Infinix Hot 3 Camera Not Working
And many more…
Use the comments box to drop your complains and I will reply with a possible fix asap.

Root and Install cwm recovery on Gionee P3


Hi Guys, this post will tell you how to root your Gionee P3 & install Custom recovery.

Rooting Gionee P3 is very easy. Just you need to install an APK and it will do the job.
Kindly read my post on rooting Your Gionee P3 and other Gionee devices.

After completing the rooting you can now proceed to CWM recovery installation.

What is CWM ?
CWM is an acronym that stands for ClockWorkMod recovery. Its a modified version of the original/stock recovery that comes with your Android device.

Benefits of CWM includes :
Full nandroid backup of your phone current rom structure.
Installation of custom roms.
Installation of  root required zip files
And so on….

Its pretty easy to instal cwm recovery on Gionee P3,you should read my post on How to install cwm on MTK Devices

Here is a link for custom recovery. It is working fine and you can use it to take NAND backup before cooking custom ROMs
Download CWM recovery for Gionee P3

How To Root Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 and Install TWRP Recovery. 


Hi Fellas, today i bring every Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 user good news.

Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 is one of the recently released android smartphones from infinix mobility, it comes with 5.5-inch display size and 720 x 1280 screen resolution. It rocks a 4000mAh battery, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Android 6.0 marshmallow out of the box, 13MP rear camera , 5MP front camera and it is powered by an MTK chipset. You can check our previous post for full specifications of Hot 4. This article will guide you on how to easily install/port twrp recovery and root Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556.

Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 rooting


  1. Download Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 Recovery Image (Credits To Jemimmi and AyoProxy)
  2. Get Latest SP Flash Tool (
  3. Download and Install MTK Vcom Drivers.
  4. Fully Charged Windows Computer and USB Cable.
  5. SuperSU.Zip For Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556
  6. At least 60% Charge Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556

How to Flash or Install TWRP Recovery on Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556.

I will assume you have successfully downloaded and installed MTK USB Vcom driver on your Windows computer by following the guide above. Enable developer options on your phone by going to Settings >> About Phone >> Build number >> Tap on Build number 5-8 times until you see notification that you are now a developer.

 Before you can be able to root Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556, you need to first flash TWRP Recovery image on it.

  • Enable USB debugging on your Android device. Go to Settings >> Developer Options and check the box behind USB Debugging.
  • Place the downloaded SuperSu.Zip to the root of your phone memory. Meaning it shouldn’t be inside any folder.
  • Extract the downloaded TWRP recovery file for Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 to your desktop.
  • Also extract SP flash tool to desktop, open the extracted folder and run the flash_tool.exe as administrator.
  • Click on scatter-loading at the top right corner of SP flash, go to Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 twrp recovery image folder and select the scatter.txt.
  • On SP flash tool, make sure all other options are untick except Recovery. Select/Check only the recovery option.
  • Switch off your Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556, click on Download at the top left corner of SP flash tool and quickly connect the device to your Pc with USB cable.
  • The porting or installation of TWRP recovery on Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556 will start, and a Green OK button will appear once the flashing process is completed.
  • Unplug your phone from Pc and close SP Flash tool. Do not switch On your Phone yet, root it first using the guide below.

Gbam, you are done with flashing of TWRP recovery image for Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556. Now it is time to root Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556.

Guide to Root Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556.

  1. Boot your device into recovery mode by pressing Volume Up and Power button together for 5 secs.
  2. If TWRP ask you to swipe to allow modification of the System partition, tap Keep Read Only.
  3. If TWRP offers to root the phone, select NO
  4. From the available options, select install.
  5. Look for SuperSu.Zip, select it and Swipe to initiate flashing of
  6. Go back and boot up your phone using the power button.
  7. You can confirm/verify your device is rooted by navigating to Play Store and install Root checker.

That’s all on how to root Infinix Hot 4 Pro and flash/install/port twrp recovery image on it. Kindly make use of the comment box and social sharing buttons below.

Xperia z2 Rom For Infinix Hot Note/Pro


Xperia z2 Rom For Infinix Hot Note/Pro

This is the xperia Z2 Rom for all infinix hot note and infinix hot  note pro users. ported by Yomitech. Make sure you follow the instructions to install this Rom to your device.

Screenshot_2015-07-16-18-06-34_thumb Screenshot_2015-07-16-18-06-29_thumb Screenshot_2015-07-16-18-06-13_thumb








=> Customizable Aroma Installer.
=> Very smooth & fast.=> Xperia Z2 Movie.
=> Xperia Z2 Clock & Weather Widget.
=> Xperia Z2 Boot animation.
=> Xperia Z2 Media.
=> Xperia Z2 Social life.
=> Xperia Z2 Social life.
=> Xperia Z2 Album, Smart Connect, Calculator.
=> Xperia Z2 Photo Widget.
=> Xperia Z2 Clock.
=> Xperia Z2 Calendar.
=> Xperia Z2 X-Reality Engine.
=> Xperia Z2 Simple Home.
=> Xperia Z2 Note.
=> Xperia Z2 Keyboard.
=> Xperia Z2 Style Settings
=> Xperia Z2 Launcher.
=> Xperia Z2 Walkman.
=> Xperia Z2 Movie.
=> Xperia Z2 Clock & Weather Widget.
=> Xperia Z2 Boot animation.
=> Xperia Z2 Media.
=> Xperia Z2 Contact Widget.
=> Xperia Z2 Framework Animation.
=> Xperia Lounge.
=> Xperia Recording app.
=> Sony Sketch Font.
=> Sony Social Camera.
=> Sony Small Apps.=> Sony Select.
=> Sony Sketch.
=> Sony Photo Editor.
=> Sony Select.
=> Sony Sketch.
=> Sony Photo Editor.
=> Customizable Battery Icon.
=> Themed Dialer, Contacts, MMS etc.
=> Custom Lockscreen.
=> Multi-Window Sidebar.
=> Visible brightness slider in notification panel.
=> Enabled On-screen Navigation key.
=> Z2 Xperia Boot Logo.
=> Build.prop Tweaked.
=> Gapps Included.
=> Z2 Social Cameras.

Xperia Z2 ROM
Boot Patch For Infinix Hot Note Users (Only)

Warning: Make sure you create a Backup of your Rom before installing.

How To Install:
==> Download The Xperia Z2 Rom.
==> Copy it directly into your Sdcard.
==> Reboot into recovery mode.

==> choose wipe data/factory reset.
==> Select install zip.
==> Select choose zip from sdcard.
==> Choose the Xperia z2 Rom and select Yes.
==> The Aroma installer should  launch afterward.
==> just follow the installation process and wait while the Aroma installer finalizes installation.
==> For Hot Note Users, Make sure you install the boot patch before rebooting.
Added Apps:
==> Xposed Framework.
==> GAPPS= Chrome, Gmail
& Much more. Find out yourself.
==> Maximum Porting Team.
==> YomTech.Com (For porting to Infinix Hot Note)


How To Root Infinix Note 3 X601 and Pro Version


We recently talked about a review of the new INFINIX NOTE 3 X601 Today am going to show you How To Root Infinix Note 3 X601 and the Pro Version



Don’t know How To Flash Recovery? follow this guide Here

After flashing the TWRP on your Note 3 you are required to flash the most appropriate SuperSU to finally attain root you can download here.

Goto INSTALL ZIP FROM SD CARD make sure you have copied the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76 to the root of your SD CARD or INTERNAL STORAGE click the zip to install and finally you have gained root on the INFINIX NOTE 3 X601

You can also read this short tutorial about HOW TO CHANGE IMEI ON THE INFINIX NOTE 3 AND PRO VERSION

Use the comment box below if you have any difficulties while rooting the INFINIX NOTE 3