How To Change Infinix Note 3 IMEI Without Rooting


Before i start showing you How To Change Infinix Note 3 IMEI Without Rooting i will like to congratulate you for making a good choice and taking a bold step by buying the Infinix Note 3 i hope you enjoy it and never disappoint you.


HOT : Infinix Note 3 : Specifications and Review

How To Change Infinix Note 3 IMEI Without Rooting


Its actually possible to change the Infinix Note 3 IMEI without rooting but you need to follow some few instructions to get this done.

You need to download and install MTK Engineer Mode Plus on your Infinix Note 3

Open the newly installed application

Click on “Phone Information” arrow’d in the image belowINFINIX NOTE 3 IMEI CHANGE 1

The next screen will take you to where you need to select either PHONE 1 or PHONE 2 this might be a little bit confusing but all that needs to be done here is to choose PHONE 1 if you’re changing IMEI for Infinix Note 3 SIM 1 while PHONE 2 should be chosen if you’re changing IMEI for SIM 2 as described in the image below.


After making your choice you need to enter your IMEI in the next screen.


You shall be welcomed with a blank screen with AT+ enter any number/letter after AT+ and choose the first option if you’re changing IMEI for SIM 1 while the second option on the list with 10 is for SIM 2.

Enter your IMEI between those (“) and make sure there’s a space after AT(SPACE)+EGMR=blah blah

Now press SEND AT COMMAND when done.

Turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode to display new IMEI.


Conclusion,if you’re rooted i will advice you not to try Chamelepon to change the IMEI of your Infinix Note 2 or Note 3 it will corrupt it and might later end you up at a repair shop.


Infinix Hot 3 Users Drop Your Issues For Solutions


In a bid to help our readers fix there devices and give room for a question and answer section. Drop your questions via the comments box and we shall give you a corresponding answer. We hope you will love this new update.

What problem are you facing with your HOT 3, let us help you solve them free.


This blog post is dedicated to all those who use Infinix HOT 3 and have issues with their phones.

Infinix Hot 3 Issues like :

Infinix Hot 3 Not Charging
Infinix Hot 3 Battery drain
Infinix Hot 3 Rooting issues

Infinix Hot 3 Update issues

Infinix Hot 3 Camera Not Working
And many more…
Use the comments box to drop your complains and I will reply with a possible fix asap.

InnJoo? A Total Waste Of Money


Sometimes i wonder who are the ones responsible for the approval of this diabolical, confused and inexperienced OEM called “InnJoo” 

It’s been a while I updated my blog am so sorry have been busy lately with personal issues but I just took time to update this article in order to enlighten you and other people who follow this blog. 

InnJoo a dubai based company that produces crappy devices called “Smartphone” has been the cause of nightmare to so many Nigeria youth’s. Proudly backed and supported by Jumia (Don’t blame them though). After there breakthrough with InnJoo i1s one of Nigerians most cheapest device she has continued to push more devices that comes with more complains.  

Earlier today I met a friend of mine who own an InnJoo Fire Plus, he was searching for a replacement battery and he hasn’t been able to find one yet. 

What’s Wrong With InnJoo? 

  • Poor After Sale Service :

Even though you can easily find there firmware on the official website which has been a welcome development compared to Tecno. You still can’t find any repair shop for InnJoo not even Carlcare.

  • Lack Of Accessories :

Apart from the issue of swollen batteries, InnJoo users have found it hard to even get cover case, tampered glasses, protective film, Chargers and screen replacement. Most people have one InnJoo phone that’s basically “unrepairable” 

  • Expensive Crappy Device :

Some months ago i came across an InnJoo 2 device with Fingerprint Lock or call it biometric security. It was nice though, but the biometric security was a joke. I confused the device while setting up the biometric security and I heard it was sold for around 70k or less. That’s a total waste of money this change Era. 

  • No OTA Update

I can’t say much about this, but InnJoo device hardly receive updates compared to infinix and Tecno. They release updates but it’s just like forcing a baby to poo. 

What’s the way forward? 

In a world that’s moving fast and a Nigeria that’s moving quick I think InnJoo is too slow to make it out here.  They can’t meet up with the competition, they can’t satisfy Nigerians and they have failed in every aspect.  InnJoo need a rebrand and offer a better service where they put the consumers first before profit. 


InnJoo, if you’re reading this it’s too late. 

7 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is better than iPhone 7


You must have heard about the war between the top smartphone makers, in case you don’t know Samsung is in a fight with iPhone secretly.

TechPhreak, will write about 7 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is better than  iPhone 7.

Below is all there is to know on what we believe to be the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 specifications:

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs
Non-removable Li-Po 3500 mAh battery
Camera Features Optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera technology, auto laser focus
Camera – Front 5 Megapixels
Camera – Rear 12 Megapixels
Colors Black, White, Blue
Features Iris scanner, fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate, SpO2, wireless charging, rapid charging plus, Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Memory 64 GB 4GB RAM internal memory and expandable to more than 256 GB with dual micro SD card slots
Operating System
Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), planned upgrade to v7.0 (Nougat)
Price $900 USD, 820 Euro
Exynos 8890 Octa :

Quad-core 2.3 GHz Mongoose + quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53
Release Date September 2016
Screen Display
Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.

5.7 inches

1440 x 2560 pixels

The spec sheet above are the confirmed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specifications the iPhone 7 specifications are yet to be confirmed as there are various leak and speculations online our blog post will be based on these.

7 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is better than iPhone 7

1 – GIFing all the things

The Note 7 accompanies the best GIF-making addon we’ve seen on a Smartphone. The screen capture apparatus permits you to just choose a part of your screen with the S-Pen and tap record to catch and share a GIF of practically anything on your screen.

The Video above illustrate the Note 7 GIF making feature ; Credits : TNW

It even permits you to alter the GIF frame-by-frame and can save the record in low or high caliber for capacity purposes.

The main thing it won’t take a shot at is DRM-secured substance, (for example, Google Play Movies) yet that shouldn’t be an issue by and large. When in doubt, Samsung says the feature works with anything you can screenshot.

This lovely feature is not available on the almighty iPhone 7.

2 – Privacy when you require it

I’m not someone who actually cares about other people using my phone, but every once in a while, there are some things I want to keep private (say, buying a gift for my girlfriend). The Note 7 lets you save/access images, files, contacts and apps in an encrypted ‘Secured Folder’ which only you can open via an iris scan permit me to say Tecno even had this feature before Samsung on her Tecno Camon C9 (The irony of Life)


Samsung says the iris scans are more secure than fingerprints. More importantly, it adds a second tier of security, so you can give your friends and family fingerprint access, but still keep your most private items to yourself. Apple is still working on making its TouchID more secured after a major break through by a croatian hacker last year.

3 – Translation Made Easy

The S-Pen has been souped-up with translator capacities. You can enact the component by means of the Air command menu that appears when you slide out the pen, and then just hover over any content on your screen to interpret between 38 unique languages.


I don’t think Apple is planning to include any of this feature any time soon because they wouldn’t buy the idea of using Google service on any of there devices maybe we should look out for “Apple Translate”

4 – Long Lasting Battery

My friend got an iPhone 6s Plus but he still complains about low battery and later bought a power bank i just rock on with my Infinix Note 2 with massive 4000mAh battery. Call me an hater you can never compare the Note 7 Li-PO 3000mAh battery to iPhone 7 Non-removable Li-Po 1960 mAh battery. Don’t you think its dumb to buy a 200k smartphone and still move around with 5k worth of power bank? Think about it.

5 – A stronger body

N7 A stronger bodyOne of the calmer equipment reports on the Note 7 is executing a significantly more flexible screen. The Gorilla Glass 5 display should be 1.8 times harder than the past material, ready to withstand drops from shoulder tallness (or around 1.6 meters) onto concrete around 80 percent of the time.

6 – Waterproof

Go ahead, Listen to Music underwater

Maybe this should have come first but i don’t want to sound like an hater, yeah its true the Samsung Note 7 is waterproof and this i think is the reason most iPhone users in the USA are switching to Samsung like its free. The world is yet to see an iPhone that’s waterproof. You can swim with your phone and can also mix your garri with sugar via the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


7 – It’s a true notepad

Apart for being a digitally awesome device the Samsung Note 7 is the most approximate to a real Notepad. The iPhone 7 is not even close to this beast.

The notes stay even after the screen is locked

While the Note 5 let you haul out your stylus to jot down your notes at whatever time without opening the Note 7 plus it by keeping those notes on your screen permanently (if you need). That implies you can record a basic supply list and just haul out your telephone as an update while never unlocking or turn on the device.


Oh, and you can use the pen underwater, if that’s your thing.


Everything you just read above have been compiled and composed based on reports, reviews and other internet documents TechPhreak has come across we don’t own or have access to any of this devices while writing this article but we just think this are the basic things you need to know that it’s lacking among this two devices. We hope you make the right choice and follow your mind while choosing one among this two lovely devices.

We love to hear from you via the comment section, thanks for reading. TechPhreak signing out.

Top 5 Useful Bots For Telegram Messenger


Telegram the infamous WhatsApp alternative is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, OS X, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type. Telegram also provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, but its optionality and home-brew nature have been contested by security experts and cryptography researchers.

Top 5 Useful Bots For Telegram Messenger

Today we shall talk about Top 5 Useful Bot For Telegram Messenger that will make you love Telegram once again. This aforementioned bots work on any type of Smartphone all that it requires is to make sure Telegram is installed on your phone either Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.

1. VK Music Bot

Have been using this bot for months to stream/download new and old musics from my Telegram. All i have to do is type /search Kanye West Famous.

Add VK Music Bot to Telegram

2. Wikipedia Search Bot

It’s kind of stressful to go from Telegram to Chrome just to find out who Larry Page this bot gives you WikiPedia on telegram and it also saves time.
Just enter a query, and the bot will select the articles for you.

Add Wikipedia Search Bot to Telegram


3. YouTube Downloader Bot 

Just like the name implies, it actually does more than just downloading YouTube videos via Telegram it also Convert YouTube Videos into MP3 easily and quickly.

Add YouTube Downloader Bot to Telegram



4. FB Video Downloader Bot

Ever wondered how to download videos from Facebook via Mobile ? This telegram bot is ready to surprise you. If you need to download videos from Facebook this bot does it like its nothing. All you have to do is send the bot any FaceBook video links ..
Booom!! Your Video file will be available within Seconds

Add FB Video Downloader Bot to Telegram


5. Meming Bot

Do you love to create memes? This bot generate memes with your text using different templates.
NEW: you can add your photos and use them as templates.

Add Meming Bot to Telegram




I wish i can make this list longer than this but this are the Bots have personally tested on Telegram and i think they are a must to have for tech fanatics and those who love to stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to  subscribe via Email and share this article so we can serve you more juicy updates in the future. I hope this makes you enjoy Telegram once again.


How To Get Original Infinix Replacement Charger For Hot Note, Note 2


Ever since the launch of Infinix Hot Note, Infinix has hit us with lots of lovely devices with awesome specifications and reasonable prices back to back but one thing that’s lacking is the non availability of genuine Charger for  Infinix Hot Note phones that support the Infinix Flash Charging technology.

Super Fast Note 2 Charger

For the Infinix Hot Note phones to charge via the Infinix Flash Charging tech, they must be charged with a special Infinix Charger. The special Infinix charger has dual power output system; a basic 5V===2A/7V===2A output option and higher power 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A output option. As printed on the special charger, the output option on use is automatically determined by the load. For example when you load the charger with a standard phone, the power output defaults to 5V===2A/7V===2A option. However, when a phone like the Infinix Hot Note or the Infinix Hot Note 2 is loaded, the power output defaults to the 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A option. At the higher voltage power output option, the Infinix Hot Note charges to capacity in less than two hours – a charging system that Infinix has named Flash Charging. Normally, most phones charge to capacity in four to six hours.

Tested Original Infinix Charger
Tested Original Infinix Charger

Today on TechPhreak we shall discuss Where To Get Original Infinix Replacement Charger and How You Can Identify Original Infinix Replacement Charger.

One way or the other you might have lost your original Infinix charger either to poor electricity condition, thief, unstable power from generator, deadly fall, broken plug etc which ever way you might have lost your charger i bring you a lasting solution today.

Many users have complained lately about buying fake Infinix replacement charger from some local stores around there neighborhood. It’s hard to identify an original charger and very risky to buy online at the same time but today i will show you how have been able to get an original Infinix Charger for my Note 2 LTE. The picture above is the  Original Infinix Replacement Charger confirmed by Infinix if the charger doesn’t look like the one pictured above it might be a fake charger, beware. More pictures below.

This Are  Original Infinix Replacement Chargers
This Are  Original Infinix Replacement Chargers

How To Identify Original Infinix Replacement Charger

After coming across many chargers referred to as original i now have a way to identify and differentiate fake from original even without testing.


Fake Infinix Charger

I will be sincere with you the Original Infinix charger has a noticeable weight compared to the fake charger.


Charger Price


Due to the current economic situation of our great country Nigeria, the charger is kind of expensive it starts from 2000NGN upward if you see a cheaper one its probably a rip off, please run.



get original infinix replacement chargerIf you take a closer look at the adaptor that comes with your phone  touching the printed surface gives a little bit of feeling when you rub your finger on it. Feels like its engraved, that fake feels like its printed on it.

4. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUEget original infinix replacement charger


Like i already said he just gives you some complements like “Take it and leave it’s the original, if any issue return it” when you hear this it means he’s not sure about his product.



The most important aspect, the fake charger doesn’t flash charge but takes time to acquire just one percentage. You sit there hoping to get that double charge logo but you’re disappointed and it also heats your phone unnecessarily.


I would like to recommend some few places where you can get the Original Infinix Replacement Charger, they include:

AD : For those who reside in Ekiti State and its environments you can call Tony on +2349023293408 to get your Original Infinix Replacement Chargers !!


If you’re looking to buy the Original Infinix Replacement Charger online and have it delivered to your doorstep with an amazing pay on delivery offer. Konga is the best place to to be, you can buy from this verified stores or choose from this long list here



Slot Nigeria one of Infinix biggest offline and online retail outlet also sell Original Infinix Replacement Charger for Infinix smartphones.

3C HUB3C HUB stores in Nigeria

Another offline store with a commendable customer review also an Infinix retail outlet sells Original Infinix Replacement Charger you can check the image above to see if you have any 3C HUB store in your location.


7 things you need to know when buying a Chinese smartphone


The Smartphone market is getting saturated everyday with new companies setting in from around the world and most especially “China”. Today on TechPhreak we would like to discuss 7 Things You Need To Know When Buying A Chinese Smartphone.

Chinese Smartphone, in Nigeria most people actually refer to Chinese Smartphones as fakes, clones neglecting the facts that there precious and special iPhone, Samsung, hTc and other top brands are “Made In China” so the term Chinese Smartphone refers to devices that are made in China and targeted at the Asia market most especially China and India.

Devices like Gionee, Xiaomi, Oppo, Karboom, Doogee, Elephone etc are slowly making there ways to the Nigerian Market and i think the need to know basic things before buying them is important.

1. Research your handset

7-650-80 (1)

This might sound very funny to you but it’s obviously the first step i would take if i were you. Product reviews for infamous devices like Doogee and Cubot can be very hard to find on the internet but you can find answers to your questions on forums that discuss mobile phones and solve smartphone issues. You can also ask a question and start a discussion, hopefully you might find an honest user who will keep it real with you.

2. 4G or no 4G?


Welcome to 2016, a year of countless Chinese Smartphones with 4G Support. In Nigeria 4G is not widely supported by Service providers but in some states like Lagos, Rivers, Ibadan, Abuja we have private companies who are breaking the curse and offering affordable 4G LTE Networks to users who have compatible smartphones. If you need to browse and download at an unimaginable speed then you need a smartphone that supports 4G. Don’t forget to check it out before you place an order.

3. Update or Not?


As a  TechPhreak i love to own a device that receives constant and important updates because i tend to hold on to devices for a very long time, if you’re the 3 months old phone changer then you need not to worry about updates but if you’re the till the wheels fall off user, you need to make sure your new Chinese handset will receive updates. Gionee a Chinese/India smartphone company that sells premium devices but hasn’t really considered updating most its devices might not be very good for people who can easily get tired of the Amigo OS but Xiaomi who makes updates a usual thing can be a very good choice for those who like to hold to there devices for so long. Also, most of this Chinese devices come with themed, tweaked Android OS so the need for an update might be compulsory.

4. How much do they care?


There’s another major thing to bear in mind before buying a Chinese smartphone, after-sales support. What if something goes wrong? What if you fall down from the bike you hurt your eggs, your phone and its screen? What if your little boy baptize your phone in an Egusi soup? What wil you do? Who will you run to? Situation like this calls for the companies help but most of them don’t have service shop here and scarce repair parts, lack of accessories etc.

This may change in the years to come as manufacturers continue to expand their global presence, but for the moment it can be a difficult choice to make.

5. Pick a vendor


This is likely the most important step, the choice you make today might bring you joy or not so be careful and watchful when you’re buying your Chinese smartphone.

You can purchase phones from various websites around the world but be sure you’re using a widely accepted site, safe and guaranteed that also ships and delivers to Africa (Nigeria). Some of this websites include Aliexpress and Gearbest.

Research each vendor before making a purchase, and pay close attention to user reviews. If several people have had a bad experience that should be a red flag, run for your life.

6. Customs charge5-650-80

Beware of customs. Shipping a device from your country will save you from this but shipping it all the way from China to Nigeria will attract some custom charges potentially up to 20% and will also take about 2 weeks before it gets to you so be sure to hold on and be ready to pay.

7. Setting up your new device4-650-80

Congratulations on your new phone bro, it’s beautiful. Now you’re at the stage where you set up your preferred language, if you’re a Nigerian you should choose English (United Kingdom) none Nigerians can just choose there choice of language. Next step might be to connect your Google Account you may choose continue or not now and get back to it later, for devices like Xiaomi which is anti-google you might need to install some Google Playstore alternatives like 1Mobile Market, Mobogenie etc sometimes it might also require rooting or flashing of Google Applications (Gapps) on the device to be able to use Google services.


I strongly support the idea of buying phones from China as you might buy a perfect device with a powerful premium device at a good price.

But if anything goes wrong however, it can mean that your lovely slice of Asian device ends up a very decorative piece and a waste of your hard earned cash.

My little piece of advice for you is take time to make research and be a forum lurker who is not shy to ask questions and not proud to read comments as there is no better source of information or review than someone who has already made a purchase.


IPhone 7 To Come With 5 Essential Features


The iPhone 7 is expected to release in Sep this year and reports are in that it won’t feature a headphone jack, but will have a faster Touch ID, will be completely waterproof and have a uni-body material made of glass. Moreover, it will come in 3 screen size variants: 4” 4.7” & 5.5”. It will have 2GB RAM, but higher models will have 3GB of RAM. It will have a dual camera and a high battery capacity, not to forget, an A10 chip.


A recent leaked image showed antenna lines on the top and bottom of the phone, and a mysterious hole🕳 between the camera and dual-LED flash, but it’s probably just a noise-cancelling microphone, however it could be for a laser autofocus module.
The iPhone7 will have a smart connector which will allow users to connect to an Apple smart keyboard.

Leaked Sketch Photo Of Iphone 7 Pro Has Two iSight Camera And No Headphone Jack


Its just getting crazier for Apple this days, today we came across design schematics from Japan and it seems Apple is trashing the Iphone 7 Plus name and headphone jack,  iPhone 7 Pro moniker and two iSight cameras may be in.

Detailed drawings of Apple’s larger-sized iPhone 7 suggest that it’ll be the same thickness as the iPhone 6S Plus at 7.3mm, but add new features, according to Japanese magazine Mac Fan.

A dual-lens rear camera is the phablet-sized highlight of this iPhone 7 Pro sketch, and it backs up last week’s newly discovered Apple patent for telephoto and broader lenses in one device.

Iphone 7 Plus

Two main Camera features have been used on smartphones recently: the LG G5 can take either tighter, normal 16MP pictures or wider 8MP photos with its second camera.

The Huawei P9 simultaneously shoots black-and-white photos with more detail and color photos for more vivid tones, and then combines them into one with an adjustable bokeh effect.

These aren’t even the two best camera phones. That title belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, so Apple has its work cut out for itself in September.

It’s clear to everyone that Apple needs to improve on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus camera in the face of mounting competition, and a dual camera setup is one way of doing just that.

However, it’s unclear to most why the company would axe the iPhone headphone jack, as rumors have suggested. They may have more to do with each other than you think.

The schematics indicate the iPhone 7 Pro will be the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S Plus, even with the second iSight camera onboard.

That may be why Apple is allegedly consolidating the headphone jack and Lighting port. Every bit of extra space counts when it comes to the world’s best phones.

In conclusion, the sketch from Japan might be true or false we don’t know if Apple will call it iPhone 7 Pro or maybe they will use this design, more information will be available by Mid-September.

Researchers Break Apple’s Encryption


Researchers at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), led by Matthew D. Green, have found a bug in Apple’s encryption. It can allow a skilled attacker to decrypt secure photos and videos sent as messages. The flaw might not have been used by the FBI? to recover information on the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone, but it proves that encryption isn’t fool proof as Apple Claimed.

Researchers Break Apple’s Encryption

Green is a cryptographer and said that a court compelling Apple to undo its own security makes no sense as there are already bugs which can be exploited. He said, “Even Apple, with all their skills — and they have terrific cryptographers — wasn’t able to quite get this right.” Green’s team of graduate students will publish a paper describing the bug as soon as Apple issues a patch for it.

Green said that it’s frightening that “we’re having this conversation about adding back doors to encryption when we can’t even get basic encryption right.”

In conclusion this research has prove that the so called “Almighty Apple” with “Almighty Encryption”  on expensive smartphone are not truly safe as advertised.