The New Jumia Market Affiliate Program Pays You #500 Per Affiliate You Refer


Today i present you the internet “SoftWork” in Nigeria, you don’t need to stress yourself before you start getting real bank alerts. Welcome to the Jumia Market Affiliate Program

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Jumia Market Affiliate Program

This affiliate program allows you to refer buyers to buy products or services after which you get a percentage off the price of that product or service. Explaining further, you as the person referring become the ‘affiliate’ while the percentage got off the price of the goods and services becomes your ‘commission’ for bringing in the buyer. If you are wondering which affiliate program to use in Nigeria, Jumia Market Affiliate Program is one of the best options at the moment they are tested and confirmed.

Why Should You Use The Jumia Market Affiliate Program?
=> This new affiliate program will pay you ₦500 when you sign up
=> Pay you ₦300 per affiliate you refer
=> Pay you flat commission for each sale through your link

So you are making money through three solid options from your room this is truly a “SoftWork”

How To Join Jumia Market Affiliate Program?
To join Jumia market affiliate program and become an affiliate partner all you need to do is go to Jumia market affiliate website and sign up. Click Here to Sign up.

Whether you are new into the game, or you are already making money from it, here are some tips to help you can maximize your profits from your Jumia Market affiliate account right from your mobile/computer at the comfort of your home:
1. Use Banners
2. Do Reviews
3. Use Deep Links Carefully
4. Use Word of Mouth
5. Shorten and Customize Your Links

So why not hurry and Join Now!

Kickass Torrents Owner Arrested And Domain Seized


Artem Vaulin, 30, of Kharkiv, Ukraine, was suspected of being the owner of ‘Kickass Torrents’ the world’s biggest online piracy network.

Kickasstorrents Domain Seized

Artim was arrested & is being sought by US authorities for copyright infringement, money laundering & other charges. Kickass Torrents overtook Pirate Bay a few years ago due to its ease of use to reach its current popularity & making it the 69th most visited website as per a Justice Department statement. The estimated worth of material pirated goes well above $1 billion. Officials were allegedly able to track & identify Vaulin from records provided by  Apple on his iCloud account. Users around the world are demanding that Artim be released.

Further more,every Kickass domain including has been seized by the US Government, there are speculations that new domains with new servers might be up very soon.

Russia Hackers Infiltrate Donald Trump Files In DNC Servers


Reports are in that Russian hackers from the government have broken into the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) servers🗄 in search of material to use against Republican nominee Donald Trump. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz acknowledged the breach and said have sought assistance from the security firm CrowdStrike to rid themselves of the hackers. Wasserman said, “When we discovered the intrusion, we treated this like the serious incident it is and reached out to CrowdStrike immediately.”


The anonymous hackers are being called Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear by CrowdStrike. One group was reading emails and going through files. Both groups, though they operate independently, have been known to engage in political espionage🕵 and are believed to be linked with Russia’s secret services. CrowdStrike said, “Our team considers them some of the best adversaries out of all the numerous nation-state, criminal and hacktivist/terrorist groups we encounter on a daily basis.”

Glo Introduces The Cheapest Data Plan Ever Seen


I had a dream that we shall buy 1GB data for as low as #200 well it’s possible this days but with strings attached.  Anyway, Glo is very close at making our data dreams become reality with this newly released data plans which comes with unbelievable prices.


Glo Current Data Subscription Rate And Value

1. N1000 → 2GB 30Days
2. N2000 → 6GB 30Days
3. N2500 → 10GB 30Days
4. N3000 → 12GB 30Days
5. N4000 → 18GB 30Days
6. N5000 → 24GB 30Days
7. N8000 → 48GB 30Days

Now, to enjoy this new offer from Glo, simply dial *777# and choose any data plan subscription of your choice and surf the net. It works for all devices.

The question on every body’s mind is “How reliable is Glo network?” Well there has been a lot of various answers from different people in different locations. Your location will determine your network reception and download speed.

We hope other networks resolve there prices too.

666 or Tech? Forget Credit Cards, Pay with Your Hand


Forget Google Pay, Apple Pay or any other pay. This new tech let’s you pay with your hand instead of Credit cards, but we don’t know if this 666 in disguise.

Image Credits : Still From Video

If you’re a Christian you may probably come across Revelations 13:16 in the Bible which talks about a dystopian future where the Antichrist rules the world, forcing people to wear his ‘mark’ on their hands. The ‘mark’ will be the only means for future you to make any kind of monetary transaction, without which a citizen becomes an outcast or even a criminal.

Well, it looks like we’re one step closer to that future; whether dystopia or utopia, people are really keen on carrying less money on them and making transactions easier and quicker.


Now, RFID chips are being implanted by ‘body-hackers’ around the world to make these futuristic transactions.
You really wanna check this out? See YouTube Video Here

WhatsApp Gold Version: It’s A Hack Don’t Install.


You may have received a message recently asking you to upgrade to WhatsApp’s “Gold” version.


The message says that a “secret” WhatsApp golden version has been leaked and is only being used by celebrities at the moment. It also says that regular users can now download the new version. This “Gold” version comes with features like Video Calling, message deletion, the ability to send more than  pictures in one go, and more. It also says that the Gold version can only be activated by invites. More info : WhatsApp Golden Version Scam
Here’s the bad news for those who have actually installed the Gold version. It’s a hack. Yes, if you’ve installed this version, your phone in all probability has been hacked and you now have some sort of malware on your Android phone. Hard-reset your phone, install an antivirus, if you still can get it off, flash your phone original firmware and get it off your system cos it’s probably stealing your personal information.

In other news, The WhatsApp BETA 2.16.94 for Android out and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Interestingly, it’s yet unsure if the Video Calling feature has been added to the phone. Apart from that no major changes are noticed in it.

Assassin’s Creed Movie Coming To Theaters December 21st Save The Date


Video game fans are in for a major surprise! If you’re a fan of the popular Assassin’s Creed game you’re really gonna like this. The movie trailer of the Assasin’s Creed has just been released!

Assasin's Creed Trailer


Starting up with a tempo beat from grammy award winner Kanye West “God” you can see Michael Fassbender lying in bed confused not knowing how he got there.

Ass Creed Release date

The film stars Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard. The movie, based on a world famous video game and is directed by Justin Kurzel was set to hits theaters December 21st. CAN’T WAIT!! Watch the trailer below

The Rock Clock Will Wake You Up To Achieve Your Goals


The Rock Clock is a new mobile application alarm that features Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock..
Looks like a basic alarm clock on the outside but has special features that makes it stand out from a normal Alarm clock, You can set alarms and be woken up by The Rock himself with one of the 25 ringtones that he helped record. The aim of the app is to get you up and motivated to start your day.


Each day has a message from The Rock to help get you started. No, this alarm has no snooze feature because The Rock think its meant for weaklings. You can also set it up to wake up at the same time The Rock does which is entirely too early for me.

You can download the app for iPhone and Android from there various stores , click here for iOS and here for Android.

You Can Now Share Documents Via Whatsapp Web


WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned and continually upgrading every single arm of the business, whether the smartphone or web client or its newest standalone desktop app.


The web version of WhatsApp  now display an option like the picture above that states a new “Update Available” click to download and install the update to enable you share files via WhatsApp Web.

They’ve now made it possible to send and receive PDFs and other docs on its web client. The feature is already available in the desktop app which it launched this week. The file sharing feature supports: CSV, DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RTF, TXT, XLS and XLSX.

This Awesome Tech Turns Your Skin To Calibration Interface For Smartwatch


This Ring Turns Your Skin To Touchscreen For Your Smartwatch

Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) will demonstrate a technique to extend the available screen space for smartwatch wearers by adding a ‘smart ring.’
It’s used in their product called ‘Skintrack.’


The combination of devices is a new approach to haptics and leverages the conductivity of human skin to track a 2D pointer. It basically makes the area around the smartwatch turn into an interactive, touch-tracking surface. You can select music, play games (Angry Birds) and so many other things with it.

Watch Video Illustration below :

Video Credits : Future Interfaces Group