New WhatsApp Update Support Document Sharing


Whatsapp the 6 years old company acquired by Facebook has just released a new update which has added to its features.  The new Whatsapp Update now supports file sharing between its users. Only PDF is supported right now other file formats might be added in the future.


Before you can share a file with your friend they need to be using a updated version of WhatsApp that supports this new feature.

CREDITS : AyoProxy


WhatsApp usually rolls out such features from the server side, users are encouraged to check their app store for updates.

NOTE : The file limit of 16MB still applies. So if the document is bigger than 16MB you will not be able to send it through WhatsApp.

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This is so SAD. Tech Giant “HP” Splits into Two.


This is so sad. In fact am shocked.
This new month comes with great surprises, Happy New Month Pals.


We all know “Hewlett Packard” Popularly known as HP. It’s a company Founded by two Tech Giants David PackardWilliam Redington Hewlett.


On the 1st of November it was announced that HP will start to work separately under two branches namely HP Enterprise and HP Inc both bestowed with different works.

In Summary

The computer colossus is being divided into HP Enterprise, focusing on software and business services, and HP Inc, which will keep the personal computer and printer operations.

The controversial deal was engineered by then CEO Carly Fiorina — now running for the Republican nomination for president.

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Advantages of Using Telematics and Fleet Management Systems


Advantages of Using Telematics and Fleet Management Systems

Over the years, stakeholders in the transport and logistics business have relied on old-school methods to keep track of their business operations. The traditional methods have been lacking, especially on matters regarding efficiency. Particularly in instances where the fleet owners are overseeing a large number of vehicle and drivers.

Advantages of Using Telematics and Fleet Management Systems
Advantages of Using Telematics and Fleet Management Systems

Enter telematics and fleet management apps. With all in one fleet management systems from EyeRideOnline, fleet managers can now organize their vehicles with the aim of boosting efficiency, compliance with government regulations and cost-cutting. Ideally, most of these apps are used for tracking vehicles, monitoring driver behavior and keeping a record of the truck’s mechanical diagnostics.

You Can Easily Keep Track of All Operations

Keeping and recording manual files has always been the norm in most businesses, fleet management included. But files are still prone to getting lost or being misplaced, which often leads to missing records.

However, fleet management systems always maintain a digital trail of almost all operations carried out since their inception. This information can even be used to generate reports on how your fleet business is performing, tracing lost goods or even accessing the driver’s behavior without breaking a sweat.

Saves Time and Eliminates Redundancy

Time is always a vital factor in any business, without a doubt. Back in the day, most fleet owners still relied on manual means to capture their vehicle’s data, which was not only tiresome but also time-consuming.

Nonetheless, fleet management systems generate a seamless workflow right from the scheduling stage all the way to delivery. Additionally, the systems create reports for the relevant departments, meaning less paperwork is involved. Besides, they also eliminate instances of data redundancy or wrong data entry.

Next on, real-time communication and GPS tracking systems found in fleet management systems can help divert drivers away from roads with high traffic – saving some hours this improving fleet utilization.

Boost Safety

Fleet managers have always borne the brunt of high accidents involving transport trucks. However, drivers who are being monitored do behave accordingly while on the road. Also, the telematic devices allow fleet managers to operate the cars remotely -for instance, applying emergency brakes, which has played a significant role in cutting down the number of accidents.

Improved Accuracy

To err is human. Nonetheless, small mistakes during data entry can always lead to misleading reports, since most businesses rely on the reports to gauge their periodical performance. Using fleet management apps boosts accuracy in fleet management.

Additionally, these systems harness information from all departments right from the customer care desk to the fuel ticket reports in the accounts office. Having a single information key point reduces the chances of human error.

Optimizes Vehicle Performance

Vehicle diagnostic reports can signal future mechanical problems. At the same time, fleet management apps can alert road patrol services that the vehicle is out of service and in need of emergency services. Also, the diagnostic reports can help fleet owners plan future upgrades for their fleet.

BBM for Android: Why you need to update yours.


Its no more news that BBM is working flawlessly on Android but not all features are included like the real BBM for Blackberry.


Today new updates have rolled out on Google Playstore for BBM.

This new updates comes with great features that were not included in the previous versions, they include:

Show What am Listening To :
Those days of listening to your music alone is over,as you play music  or watch videos your friends will be notified on there Feeds.


Bbm Meeting and Start multiperson chat included:
Pressing the more button will show you a slide that appears with this two new features.


Message timer :
Now you can time your Friends a message i used this feature to message my friend happy birthday i want to be the first person to wish him Happy Birthday. It look magical.


New Emotions added :
Ever wanted to use Whatsapp Emoticon on your BBM? The time has come. Am a fan of Emoticon anyway….wish WordPress included this too.


More Awesome Features are included in this new updates.


Download BBM from Google Play Store

Composed by AYOPROXY

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon – Day 1 (Cheapest Price on Innjoo One and Innjoo Fire)


Am sorry for the late updates, but i think you need to hear this. The much anticipated JUMIA MOBILE WEEK MEGATHON has commenced today. According to my previous post about the MEGATHON SALES i told you that InnJoo is the number one on the list for this week. By the time you are reading this post its not too late to grab a cheap and sophisticated Injoo Note and InnJoo Fire.



The much awaited Innjoo Fire, the cheapest 2Gb RAM device and the premium Innjoo One are being sold at amazing discount of up to 50% by 4pm today (fastest fingers first).



==> 5 inch Screen
==> 1.3Ghz Quad core processor
==> Android 4.4 KitKat
==> 2Gb RAM
==> 16Gb ROM
==> 5MP Front Camera for superb selfies
==> 5MP Back Camera with strong flashlight
==> 2300mAh long lasting battery
… and lots more
Available exclusively on Jumia for just N17,700

innjoo one

==> Premium glass body finish
==> 1.4GHz Octa core processor
==> 2Gb RAM
==> 16Gb ROM
==> 5inch HD screen
==> 13MP back Camera
==> Android 4.4 Kitkat
… and lots more
Available exclusively on Jumia for just N27,999

Do you know that this offer still continues till tomorrow? Tomorrow its INFINIX  turn you should be ready to buy INFINIX HOT NOTE at a mouth opening price.

iPhone 7 Pre-Orders while Galaxy Note 7 recall


Samsung is offering to replace defective Galaxy Note 7 handset, which have a battery problem that could get so bad that it sets the phone on fire, but we all know there will be some users who will return the phone and move on with another brand which might be the all new Apple iPhone 7


Apple could be counting on some of those people to jump from Note 7 and put money down for an iPhone 7. Then again, maybe the Note 7 will just come back more times stronger and beat Apple sales down again. We shall wait and see.

READ : 7 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is better than iPhone 7

Even though the iPhone 7 is still new Apple has estimated the sales to increase by 10% due to the unfortunate incidents that the best phone in the world (Note 7) is going through.

Meanwhile The new iPhones are available for pre-order now and will be available starting on September 16 for nothing less than $649, while the iPhone 7 Plus will start at $769.

Enjoy Unlimited Browsing on MTN Free without tweaking your IMEI.


I don’t know if you have received this lovely message from MTN with this words in quote :

“Free internet browsing all night long every day when you spend at least N200 during the day! Unlimited data available btw 1am-5am.Only on MTN iPulse”


This is another way MTN is making life better for night callers you can enjoy unlimited browsing after making your calls. All you have to do is make sure you have spent nothing less than #200 on calls in the day and you are automatically qualified for this offer.

How do Enjoy this Offer?

1. migrate to mtn IPULSE By dialing *406#

2. Make sure you use at least #200 at day time,do this and you will browse unlimitedly this hours 1am – 5am

I hope you like this,tell us what you feel via comments.


Google Duo : Another FaceTime Headache 


Officially Launched Aug 11 2016 and has over 1 Million Downloads. Wow!

Most people think Google Duo is another application like Skype;


It’s a cross platform mobile application with an overly simplistic and easy to use UI that enables you make free video calls with other Duo users, and nothing else. 

Designed to work with Google Allo, it is rumored to be Googles’ answer to Apple’s Facetime. It also provides the kind of end—to end—encryption seen in WhatsApp that ensures user privacy and data security. 

Duo does not only work on Android smartphones, it’s also available for iOs (duh.. Apple).

Easier to use: Just input your number and you’re ready to go, you don’t even need to have a Google account before you can use Duo. A one time verification code is sent to your phone and you have a screen where you can make calls to your contacts provided they are available on Duo. 

Conclusion: The simplicity of Duo and cross platform availability provides staggering competition for already widely adopted video calling apps like Facetime and Skype. Let the fanboys pray Google’s ingenuity (or name) and material-magic pushes it to first place. 

Facebook Live Stream Coming Soon


Mark Zuckerberg was going to show us a demo of Facebook’s live-stream video product on his Facebook page but he delayed it as he had to change the location.


Mark was also going to take questions from users about Facebook Live after announcing the new features. He sat on a couch and spoke for a few seconds and stood up and then the video stream abruptly ended with 118K people watching the video wondering what happened. It came back online after moving the video launch room to a location in Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ.

Mark explained while against a desk with a team who worked on the project in the background and took questions from viewers to demonstrate how to use Facebook Live. Facebook said in an email that “Mark changed his mind and wanted to go live with the product team.”

Facebook Live is a new way to share user experiences with the world similar to the Periscope app. Mark says that the feature will be coming out soon and I think it’s a very good feature good for live broadcast.
We hope to see more lovely features on Facebook as the year continues.

Infinix Rolls out Lollipop Update for Infinix Hot Note X551


Last Month Infinix released a Beta Lollipop Update for most of their Infinix Products the update was a BETA version that came along with lots of bugs and most people complained about it.

Some hours ago, Infinix announced the official release of their Lollipop Update for Infinix Hot Note X551 with a new User Interface referred to as XUI.

Infinix Rolls out Lollipop Update for Infinix Hot Note X551
Infinix Rolls out Lollipop Update for Infinix Hot Note X551


1, optimized ui display, XUI first beta release,
2, added font management, theme management, online wallpaper function,
3, added ultra power save function,
4, added clear application function,
5, video player added,
6, optimized system performace,
7, fixed issues,
8, support OTA upgrade from 0730


You can Download the Update Directly from MEGA or Visit Infinix Mobility to read the good news yourself.



Only those on the 0730 version of Infinix Stock Rom will be able to get the OTA Update which will start rolling out tomorrow.

How to know your rom version ? – Go to settings -> about phone -> it should be below the base band version.

If you are rooted, please un-root your Hot Note first.

Install the stock  recovery for Infinix Hot Note if you have installed CWM RECOVERY on your Phone.


You need to download the rom. Download link are up make sure you know how to use SP FLASH TOOL

Flash the rom and Enjoy the update.

Guess what ? I just Finished downloading the Update and i will install it soon… Subscribe via Email for upcoming review and detailed Guide to flashing…

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