Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Devices

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Devices


Am back again with a superb post on Why You Need To Root Your Android Device and Why You Don’t Need To Root Your Android Device.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Devices
Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Devices

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Devices

What is Root?

Root can be described as a method whereby you have full access to your Android Smartphone and it will enable you modify, delete and add whatsoever you want to your Smartphone.

Advantages of Rooting Your Android Smartphone:

  1. Rooting your Android Smartphone has several advantages, but here I am listing some of the best advantages, you will get after rooting your Android Smartphone.
  2. Access all files of your Smartphone, whether they are present in the root directory of your storage or anywhere else, by giving root permissions, you can Edit or Delete any system file.
  3. Increase your Smartphone performance by over clockocking it, by changing the frequency of CPU of your Android Smartphone, by which you can easily speed up your Android Smartphone without any problem.
  4. Even, you can increase battery life, by under clocking CPU of your Android Smartphone, which will let your phone battery for long time.
  5. Can install the several Custom Rom to change feel of your Android version like CyanogenMod or AOSP or Eye Candy ROM MIUI which can change the feel off whole Android device usage. Can upgrade Android version of your Smartphone using custom rom like CM11 or CM12 or any other rom.
  6. Can access some of the best apps which you can use after rooting it only, you can get best root apps for the Android device from here, which you can use only if your device is rooted.
  7. Internal Memory can also be increased after rooting your Android Smartphone, as you can swap your internal, as memory card without any problem,  just by editing vold.fstab file in the root directory which can be accessed once you root your Android Smartphone.

Disadvantages of rooting your Android Smartphone:

Every thing in this world, which has advantages has its disadvantages also, so here I am listing some of the disadvantages of rooting your Android Smartphone.

  1. Your phone might hard brick.
  2. There may be data loss in the process of rooting your Smartphone.
  3. Warranty of your Android Smartphone is also void.


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  1. I rooted my fone and got an update on infinix to update my fone after updating, my fone boots to recovery mode ..what can I do (infinix hot X507)

  2. The damage has already been done., whenever I on my fone, it always boots to recovery mode .. Really pissing me off, any solution that you can help me out with, to make it boot properly.. @ ayoproxy

  3. Nice post,but to me you laid more advantages and less disadvantages…..The disadvantages of rooting your device aint much,but brutal

  4. Hi guy ,I spent 3 weeks battling my self if I should root my infinix hot 2 or not and I saw the disadvantages I won’t receive updates ,but I Dont have WiFi to download the update so I believe that what is the need when the update can only be gotten over WiFi ,so pls if its OK for me to root my infinix …..